Napa Charm & Rain ???


Apr 8, 2009
Hi everyone! I recently bought my first miu miu (the nappa charm nero). I know it is safer not to expose leather bags to rain, but it rains so often here, I can't just keep her in the closet for an entire season :confused1:. I always take an umbrella with me and try to protect her more than myself :P, but I don't think I can totally prevent her from catching any rain. I already treated her with a protector spray, but what are your experiences with rain? Does it make the shine fade off or cause stains? What should I do with the raindrops, just leave them on or tap them dry with a soft cloth?:shrugs:. I hope you guys can help, since at the counter where I bought her they just gave me the - 'well, just be very careful'- line... very useful... :rolleyes:


Mar 9, 2006
Hey there Felynn!

I have the nappa charm and as with all glazed leather MM bags they are so convenient and easy to maintain. If your Nappa really touches water spots, just wipe it off & it drys up real fast! That's the beauty goodness of glazed leathers. :yes:

Seriously my bow satchel has accidentally touched water and it drys up even without me drying it! So don't fret, just use your bag and of course just don let your bag get totally drenched.

Another method you could just use Apple Gard to protect it :smile: Some of my bags I used that as an extra protection. To conclude, just use your bag with carefree-there wont be any stains cuz glazed leathers are easy to maintain.

Previously I had a water split (great water split) to my coffer and coffer being lambskin aren't supposed to touch water right? But somehow, I used my hands and tissues to wipe off the bag and totally NO STAINS at ALL. Bear this in mind, I didn't even use AP on my coffer at all till today ;)


Apr 8, 2009
Thank you for your advice teddyraph! :winkiss: I will continue to use protector spray on a regular basis. Would once every month be too much? I hope I can find a place to buy Apple Gard, otherwise I will continue with my current spray. I absolutely love the nappa, sooo soft!


May 19, 2006
You can buy Apple Garde @ I think there is a discount code going on now, check the deals & steals subforum.

If you use your bag a lot, it is good to protect it monthly but if you heavily rotate, then you don't have to protect your bag so much IMO.


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Jan 23, 2009
I took my Amarena Bow in glazed leather out last friday AM, then it started raining mad in late morning! I was worried about my poor new bow.......

but... surprisingly, the glazed leather holds up well, dry up quicky like Teddyraph mentioned.. no water marks at all!!! I couldn't believe it, b/c it was raining quite badly and quite a big of water has hit the bag.............. I haven't use the protector at all and it is still fine