NAP winter sale start date?

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  1. I know it's still early, but anybody knows the date of NAP winter sale? can't wait! Thanks.
  2. I'm not sure, but I think the next Big sale will be in December after Christmas.
  3. usually around thanksgiving for the US sale, xmas for the international sale
  4. Man.... So tempting already bought so much on ff sale gonna save up lol !!! 
  5. i have to be careful with NAP sales. I love shopping on that site but the difference with a NAP sale is you're getting choices for things other people have passed on. With F&F sales you're getting discounts on first choice items (when it's not excluded). I bought one pair of NAP flats that I haven't worn near as much as even the sale price would justify and I'm trying to make that a lesson learned. The problem with NAP is the site is so fun, the outfits so great and the packaging so nice when it arrives that it's just fun to shop there.
  6. So true:smile:
    Last sale i bought couple of shoes that i havent worn yet:P
  7. I totally agree! I've gotten things with ink marks over them and things that were ripped!! :nogood::tdown:
  8. But you have to agree NAP has the best sales 😜
  9. Why would the goods be damaged? Someone returned them n they sold it again? U can return them right?
  10. NAP has great sales and is probably the most fun site to shop. That's my problem, they are so fun that I lose all objectivity! :biggrin:
  11. I think we all are in the same boat 😜
  12. Does anyone know whether Bottega Veneta or Mulberry leather goods ever goes on sale on NAP? The only thing I'm looking forward to pick up are a couple of bags, but unless I get a really good deal, I think it makes more sense to wait for the Barneys sale.
  13. I've seen both BV and Mulberry bags go on sale in the past. What's your definition of a really good deal? Usually all the good bags/shoes (BV and Mulberry included) are gone at first cut (which is 30% at NAP and most luxury retailers; 40% for Nordstrom). If the style you want is a popular style, I would grab them as soon as they hit the sale.
  14. If you search old threads to see when people reported that the sale had started - US site end-of-year sale started on November 25th last year (a few days before Cyber Monday), international site end-of-year sale started on December 21st. The dates should be reasonably similar this year, give or take a few days.
  15. 30% would be a good deal, though the Barneys final cut is 60%. I scored a Lanvin bag for about $750 last year (marked down from $1900 to first $1200 and then to $750).

    I've been meaning to get myself a Bayswater and a Maxi Veneta or a Campana, as well as a couple of small leather goods. I've also been eying a couple of Givenchy bags and wallets on Barneys, which I hope to grab as soon as the sale begins. I know Givenchy and BG went on sale on Barneys in June, and hoping they'll go on sale again in December.