Nap Time

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  1. I took these the other day of two of my cats napping.
    My big boy Sir Humphries aka:Humpy and my littlest girl Itty Bitty....they are the best of friends. Humpy is a big bully, very mean and territorial to all of my cats (I have 4 total) but to her he is a gental giant. He follows her around, licks her and even lets her eat out of his bowl first! They are so cute together, I just thought I'd share the cuteness with everyone. :P
    nap1.jpg nap2.jpg nap3.jpg nap4.jpg
  2. it!!


  3. Oh, you have beautiful cats! They looks so angelic lolling around on their white comforter.
  4. Awww... they are just too cute!!
  5. They are so cute! Love their faces and how furry they are. They look so comfy! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Your cats are so beautiful!!!
  7. Thank you! I love them so much they are my babies. If I am stressed out they relax me by just looking at how comfortable they seem to be in their own skin.
  8. How true!!:yes: Our pets calm us down and give us unconditional love in so many different ways. And cats are so entertaining--a cat-lover friend of mine says hers find an adventure around every corner!
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