NAP Survey - I won a handbag?!!

  1. I just got an email today saying that I won a MJ Mayfair!!!!!!
    I remember completing the survey but does anyone remember if there was acutally a prize involved? I'm currently verifying it with the NAP people, so I hope I'll be giving you some good news soon!

    I'm so excited!!!! I never won anything in my life before and this was just one big surprise!! Plus, it will be my very first MJ bag ever!!

  2. That is great and what a wonderful prize!! Many congrats!!
  3. Wow, lucky you.
  4. Thanks muggles!
    The funny thing was, I ordered a Teal Mayfair that is going to ship out to me soon! If I can verify that I am indeed winning the bag, if anyone is interested in getting it from me, please let me know!

    I ordered the Teal Mayfair from NM for about $402
  5. ^^ Let me know I would be interested!! Good Luck
  6. Cool! Great prize.
  7. WOW!! - Great to see there are really winners in those things!!
  8. That's so exciting!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. Wow, that's great!!! Congrats kelle!!!
  10. Wow, congratulations! :tup: The bag you wanted - what a bonus! :nuts:
  11. Congrats!
  12. Wow, congrats! That's a great prize!
  13. Oh wow, lucky girl! Congrats
  14. fantastic! the mayfair is a beautiful bag. you're very lucky. maybe i need to start taking those sweepstakes and contests more seriously. i rarely bother to enter because i never win anything! but it couldn't hurt to try though. congrats again!
  15. wow that such a cool surprise! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!