NAP sent me a smashed up Betty!

  1. For the first time ever, I am really disappointed with NAP. I ordered a Chloe Betty on 6/29 and used the ground shipping option. They didn't even have DHL get the bag until 7/2 or 7/3! I finally got it on 7/10.

    The box was totally dented and the tape job to close it was horrible. I opened tbe box and what?? No beautiful black box! I know they say they don't black box sale items but even the items I have purchased on sale before have always come in a black box. This was an expensive item even if it was on sale!
    I pulled the bag out of the dust bag and what did I find? A folded, smashed and totally wrinkled Betty. :crybaby: It looked so pathetic I felt sad for it. They didn't stuff it! I sent a long email complaining about this. They responded and basically said that they ship the bags the way they get them from Chloe. They said Chloe does not stuff the bags. They apologized and refunded my shipping cost though.

    I'm so mad because this is the most I have ever spent on an item from NAP and I expected it to come looking beautiful and nicely packaged. If this bag wasn't so hard to find I would send it back in a heartbeat. :cursing:

    Is what they told me true? Have you guys had Chloes come from NAP unstuffed? What kind of shape were they in? I just can't believe Chloe doesn't stuff their bags to make sure they hold their shape and are protected from rough shipping and handling.
  2. ah I am in the UK just outside London, so mine come to me the next day, and doesnt have any time to be sitting around. Its very true that at sales time they do not pop it in a gift box, however much the items cost, but mine have always been put in a dustbag, and then surrounded by tons and tons of black lining paper. It sounds like yours may have been opened en route to check the contents? When you first opened the box, was there v neatly folded black lining paper on the top of the bag, its the way its always opened, and a staple for NAP, or did it look like it had been disturbed? With regards to the bag being stuffed, some have, some havent from my deliveries, sometimes, they actually stay more smoochy and slouchier if they are not stuffed :smile:

    However, now she is here and the box can be forgotten, what do you think of your new bag? is it a goodie?

    show us some piccies when you can
  3. I've never seen the black box, but of course I've only bought stuff on sale. I did get a very flatten out Marc Jacobs bag and returned it because it was too wrinkled. They were really nice about returning it.

    I've had various packages smashed in the mail and sometimes even within the same company there would be really different qualities of packaging. I've had bags put in great big boxes with lots of stuffing and a nice box and I've had bags smashed into a tiny box with nothing but the dustbag.

    Is the bag still ok looking? I love my betty bag and I think it would still be fab even if were smashed a bit.
  4. Hi. AR sends out their bags smashed up too. The 2 bettys I got were smushed.

    LVR does the best packaging.
  5. There was no black tissue paper but it was in a Chloe dust bag and that Chloe dust bag was inside a NAP dust bag. Aside from the wrinkles I love my Betty. I returned the patent and kept this one. The regular leather flattens easier than the patent so it looks smaller when it isn't full. I'm too lazy now but I'll eventually post pics. :smile:
    Thanks for your sharing your experiences. Maybe I overreacted or expected too much. I do love my new bag wrinkles and all!!! I have wanted this bag from the first time I saw it.
  6. Slightly OT, but I asked NAP about how to get a box for a sale item, and they said if I indicated on the order that the item was a gift it would be boxed, even on sale. Hope that helps....... FYI, I ended up ordering from Diabro so didn't get to test the theory....
  7. I purchased two items from NAP before, both on sale. My Chloe wallet was under $200 on sale and was packaged wonderfully. It was in a Chloe dustbag inside a Chloe box which was wrapped with tissue paper and then put into a NAP dustbag which was then nestled in black tissue paper in the black box. The black box was then put into the shipping box very well-padded with crushed paper. The other item I got was a Chloe Edith satchel, also on sale. The bag itself was wrapped into black tissue paper and placed in the Chloe dustbag and then placed into a NAP dustbag and placed into a large shipping box with lots of crushed paper padding. The bag also had some tissue paper stuffing inside. No black box for that one, but still very well-packed.
  8. I live in Kent in the UK so my NAP stuff arrives in fantastic shape. Im so sorry to read that your tote is battered and out of shape. Id demand it gets replaced. At the end of the day you are the customer and deserve to have the tote in better condition.
    Hope you get it sorted soon.
  9. HI, I am sorry your betty arrived smashed up. I bought a black patent small betty from NAP UK a few months ago. I live in Singapore and it arrived in good shape. When I opened the box, it had black tissue, then the black box, then the dust bag. The betty was definitely stuffed. I was only slightly displeased that they shipped a free NAP note book with my bag, as the note book "weighed" on the betty. The packaging was very nice. However my betty was not on sale, but I had free shipping with a code.

    More recently I ordered a wallet on sale from the US site to a US address by the ground option. That look quite long. Looks like for NAP, it's better to go with regular shipping if it is a handbag.
  10. ^^^ I tend to agree. I was upset for so long about the high cost of shipping and was so happy when they added the ground shipping potion. After using the ground shipping option, I would be cautious about using it again for a handbag. The grass is always greener right?
  11. I'm sorry this happened to you! :sad:

    The only times I haven't received a black box have been on the odd occasions when I have only bought a singular, inexpensive item (on or off sale).

    Normally I buy more than one item at a time (mainly due to the £10 shipping charge) and my items are boxed.

    Even when unboxed, the item has still arrived well wrapped in tissue and in a sturdy, well taped cardboard box.

    I guess they are just trying to offer people what they want (cheaper shipping) and it looks like it's a false economy. :shrugs: