NAP sand color is ivory?

  1. Hi to everyone! I am thinking of buying the sand color paddy as stated at NAP. Do you think it is the same with ivory?I am not an expert in the coloring of paddies and confused with the 2005 and 2006 collection differences. Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi there,
    It is darker than last years Ivory colour by a couple of shades. Its is like a pale mushroom colour (if that description helps at all :biggrin:)

    I love it, I think the details stand out alot more on this bag than the Ivory, even though it is still a fairly pale bag.
  3. Hi chloe-babe,

    Would you happen to know if this is the same as the creme on LVR? NAP seems to follow a different colour naming scheme.

    Cheers :smile:
  4. Gosh, it looks it, but with LVR I would ALWAYS call them and actually find out what is on the tag (they have some very strange colour descriptions ;)
    Have posted both to compare, I know colours can be decieving but they do seem to be the same :smile:

    piccies LVR and NAP
  5. Aw cheers babes - with blown up pics they definitely look the same.
    I love the colour, may have to rethink the no more Chloe resolution.
  6. I completely agree, it rocks in that colour :biggrin:
  7. Ahhh i want that one...^^:love:
    It's a lovely colour:yes:
  8. I definitely prefer this to the original ivory - it seems warmer, to me. :heart:
  9. Thank you guys (and Chloe-babe especially)for your help and opinions. I think it is a great color makes the paddy look even more fabulous but don't you think that it will not be that suitable for winter?
  10. Courtesy of style101 on the Documenting Chloe Colours thread:


  11. Because it is more of a light, sandy colour, I think it would be more practical than an ivory/cream and you could probably, just about, get away with it in Winter! :biggrin:
  12. Here is mine. It is the Blanc/ivory. Maybe this will help you see the color differences.
  13. Chloehandbags you are sooo well informed! thank you for your opinion for the winter issue and thank you ranskimmie for the pic,it helped a lot!
  14. ^As you can see, I poached that colour info from style101's post; but thanks, anyway! :shame: