NAP Sale

  1. A couple of Chloe bags on sale from NAP, brown patchwork, brown shoulder Ava at 60% off, Maggie and a silverado tote at 50% off. Go get them, ladies!
  2. Yes, I know, received the e-mail..............couldn't resist the patchwork. :girlsigh:
    I've been looking at that one for a while, haven't seen it IRL, so, thought I would order it to see if I really needed it.

  3. I want the patchwork too.'s in brown, and I simply do have too many dark brown bags. Plus, saving my $$ for the new spring color paddy/quilted Bay. So looking forward to a violet one. Yeah, a violet paddy with lucite padlock would be interesting:p
    I think there was a thread re: someone wearing the patchwork and it really sags, losing its shape. This one on NAP on sale looks to be the smaller size and I hope it will work out! Post pic if you get her!
  4. Thanks, saw that thread about the Patchwork, but I've intrigued by this bag all season and thought I would order it to see if I really like it. I have an Ava and love the leather on it. I really don't need another bag, much less moka. I tend to gravitate to the brown/carmel family, but this is such a great price I just have to check it out. If it's a keeper, well, something else in my closet will have to find a new home.....
  5. Thanks, love the brown patchwork!