NAP sale: 75% reduction in several chloes

  1. NAP has reduced some Chloes by 75%. Examples:
    White bay with green zippers, around 550 euros
    Elvire satchel, around 320
    Beata patent, around 320
    and many others... Hurry up... some of them have sold out!
    And, of course, keep us posted on your purchases!
  2. Thanx, Maria. Some of these, at 75% off, even with shipping and duty to the US is still cheaper than buying at US+sales tax...
  3. ARGH! I couldn't be patient and wait for the Elvire to go down further.
    I bought it for £522 - 40% off!! Oh well, it's better that I got it then rather than wait til now cos the stock could've run out. (Yep, it's my way of reassuring myself!)
  4. wow! some great deals!