NAP quest - Edith with shoulder strap...

  1. Hi all! :smile:

    So I am shopping for my first Edith.:yahoo:

    Net-a-porter have a 'brown' Edith tote with shoulder strap (not sure what color brown as it doesn't say :confused1:…)

    Can someone tell me if this “brown” is in fact the Whiskey or Ecuriel? What does everybody think? would love to get your opinions! :smile:

    Many thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english! :flowers:
  2. looks like it is sold out :s
    from what i know whiskey IS ecureil, aren't they the same?... there was a thread here somewhere about it ....
    good luck to you!!:tup:
  3. Did you buy it? When I click on the link, it says "sold out".
  4. Many thanks!

    Here is a pic of the "brown" Edith with shoulder strap from Net-a-porter Europe:


    Maybe this “brown” is the Whiskey/Ecuriel?? :confused1:
  5. Yes, I did! for 30% off sale! I'm very happy! :yahoo:

    Now I really hope that the "brown" is the Whiskey/Ecureil color :smile:
  6. im pretty sure it is....if it was the muscat/nutmeg, the stitching would be darker...

  7. Thank you!!!!:smile:
    The bag I've always wanted and now I have it! :love::woohoo:
  8. That is so fabulous! I just love it when a purse dream comes true!!!