NAP prder problem

  1. I'm so dissapointed: I found a MJ wallet in the Net A Porter sales section, I order it, they process my order and then all of a sudden a mail: we cancel your order because we couldn't find the wallet :sad:.
    Any else had a similar experience to share? TIA
  2. That stinks!! So sorry to hear : (
  3. no not that particular problem. I did order a bag on the 26 and they say it is delivered within 2 days, but I only got an email today that it was shipped out.. and they don't deliver in the weekends, so it won't be here untill monday or tuesday I guess. Not a big problem, but I was dissapointed, since you do pay for the speedy delivery...
  4. Eh, that happens. Barney's seems to do that a lot with shoes. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted.:sad: