NAP Paddy on eBay at 2X NAP price

  1. It was bound to happen :sad:, hope not one person is interested in it! It will be quite hard to sell at full price as so many were left at NAP at full RRP.

    Asking nearly double is really greedy of them.
  2. As chloe-babe said, it was bound to happen soon.....:yes:

    But, tbh - I think it's each to their own - if they want to charge that much that's their prerogative, but i honestly don't think anyone in the know will be buying it at that price anytime soon....!:s

    Still, what i don't get is this - if you've got yourself a bargain priced, hard to find bag like the aubergine paddy, how can you not keep it....?:angel:
  3. They probably ordered two! and are figuring that if they sell one for full price, it has paid for their own one outright!
  4. this makes me so upset because i (along with at least 2 other pf-ers!) really wanted aubergine

    and not to resell :|.

  5. Exactly chloe-babe!

    I wanted the crystal lock and can't bring myself to spend the 50% off price ---- LOL!

  6. I agree that it was bound to happen. :yes:

    Although, they do have a 'Best Offer' option, so maybe someone could offer 70% retail and still get it, if they missed it on NAP? :shrugs:
  7. I saw that. :rolleyes: Don't get it from them. NAP is not the last chance you'll have to get that bag on sale. Metallic paddies always go on sale at the end of the season at a lot of places. Neiman Marcus even took them down to 60% off last season.
  8. Hi, Do you think the Metallic Betty will go on sale at the end of the season too?
  9. check Aloha Rag sometimes... I got my White Siverado hobo. $577 without tax and shipping fee.
  10. How long ago was this, if youdon't mind me asking?
  11. around two weeks ago... :smile: