NAP - Import Taxes to Australia

  1. Our limit on imports for customs & duties is $1000 AUD in Oz.

    I am ordering something from NAP which is under $1000 however they declare to customs no duty was paid and request payment through DHL.

    Has anyone actually had to pay any duties from an NAP order that's under $1000 AUD?

  2. Hi Beani.

    You guys get the best tax free limit - here in Holland it's €25. I think as long as your purchase is under the limit then you should be fine.

    This might be of help:
  3. Thanks for your feedback Cal... I just didn't know what they meant my no DDU paid, payable on receipt...

    Anyway I purchased a few items from NAP during there "FREESHIP" period and separated the orders... what I learned was, as long as they are separate orders /separate invoices, regardless if I have spent over $1000 I would not be liable for any duties... so I made sure all my items were less than 400 GBP in any one order and it worked...

    I am now after a pair of Christian Louboutin heels... that's going to be an interesting one as its 440 GBP and I know tax will be incurred on this - urghhh...