NAP further reductions!

  1. :yahoo:

  2. Wow! Thanks!
  3. Hmm..just went to check it out...seems nothing really went down further. I have a few items in my cart, they are still all old price...bag selection is not good as well...can't find anything interesting!! I will pass.
  4. yeah the jeans i was eyeing are still the same price..any chance of a further reduction even though it says final reduction?
  5. the ' further reductions' are sooo weak! everything is nearly at the same price it was previously and there are virtually no good sizes left.

    on top of that, their shipping fees bite.
  6. ^^^I couldn't agree more!!! They have the same stuff at the same price:tdown:
  7. What happens after "FINAL REDUCTIONS"? I've been eyeing a bag there forever and it hasn't been marked down.

    NAP doesn't have an outlet, do they? At some point, they HAVE to mark down the bag I want because they are going to start bleeding money carrying that inventory.
  8. Only a very, very few items have been "further reduced"! Nothing I've been watching has been further reduced.
  9. Check the international site too, ladies! I noticed the coat I had been stalking didn't go down in price on the US site but then I switched over and it was marked down 75% off!! So even with the ridiculously expensive international shipping, I saved $100+ off the US site's price.