NAP FallTreat, 50%off Tabacco & Dove paddington

  1. :yahoo: OMG... there's Tabacco & Dove paddington for half price on NAP. GO GET IT NOW!!!!
  2. Dove isn't there anymore!! :sad:
  3. its still showing up for me?

    i think you have to be on the international site, not the US site, to see all the sale items available.

    here's the direct link for the grey:
  4. oh in case someone's searching for this thread..: "Tobacco, Dove grey.."
  5. I just bought the Tobacco color Paddy!! All together w/ shipping, it cost me $795!! Can't wait.
  6. ah well done missypoo, I cannot wait for you to get it, as I think tobacco always looks better in real life than it does when photographed. Congrats on your gorge new bag :smile:
  7. I just ordered the tabacoo one!

    I was getting cold feet as my boyf was so nice to remind me of how many bags I have bought already this year - when I claimed I haven't bought a new bag for ages... (ahem I have bought 6! 4 of which designer)

    But I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't grab the Chloe bargain!
  8. Thanks for the heads up - what a fabulous bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :love: :jammin:
  9. Did you get the Tobacco chicky?
  10. Nope - i've got the Dove in my cart, ready to go through check-out LOL:nuts:

    I got a seriously funny look from the OH though...:graucho:

    I've already got a whiskey with brass hardware, so i figured the Dove was a better choice because it's got silver hardware.:yes:
  11. Great choice!! Can't wait to see pics.
  12. Thanks!:love:

    I've done it - i clicked on Purchase now! LOL

    Will post pics as soon as she arrives;) :yes:
  13. Yup! That works!