NAP Fall Treats - not working?

  1. Everytime I try to click on one of the sale bags for more info it takes me back to the homepage...what's up? Is anyone else having that problem?
  2. i think that happens cuz the items you selected were sold out
  3. Yeah, if it does that it usually means that item is sold out. Hopefully more bags will go on sale on NAP.
  4. When do they usually put new stock up?
  5. Apparently it's Wednesday, although the Tobacco and Doves were put up on a Friday (i think).
  6. I think this whole promotion finishes on the 1st. Just in time for new Wednesday stock to come in, so if no new ones are added, I think this is going to be it for now :smile:
  7. Actually, it finishes next Monday, 6 Nov.
  8. ooooh more time to spend money then - uh oh ;)
  9. What else are you buying...?:graucho: ;)

    I'm done for - for this year, anyway.:angel:

    ^Agreed with everyone else that it's usually because the item has sold out. Keep checking back though.:yes: