NAP Euro site ~ UK Buyers ~ Tax??

  1. After my recent customs saga. I will ask first this time.

    Anyone in the UK bought from the site which appears to be the European one, and do you know what the situation is with customs.

    I think customs before anything else now, and have it stuck in my head, that even within Europe I am liable for customs duty on what they consider luxury items.

    Luxury?? Necessity?? Household expense??

  2. NAP is shipped from the UK. Under EU law, you pay tax for the goods in the country of purchase I think. So you shouldn't have to pay customs if buying from anywhere in the EU.
  3. Great thanks, I have read so much information, mainly due to the "counterfeit" aspect of things and customs charges. I have confused myself totally.

    Another enabler ~ thank you.

    Curls, Hope it isn't too cold down there. Not too sure which is the windiest, coldest service station. Scotch Corner or Hartshead.

    A very stiff cold breeze coming off the North Sea here at the minute. No snow I hope.
  4. I live in the UK and bought a paddington from the US site, Nap pay customs charges for you, there are none and the parcel us sent by DHL so I dont think that it even goes through customs!
  5. Thanks so much for that information, that is excellent news.

    So, I have NO excuse now, at all!!!!!!!:graucho:
  6. Actually, NAP does NOT pay customs for you. The customs duties and VAT are added to your shipping charges already and the package is marked DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), so there are no extra customs charges to be levied upon entry into the UK. But YOU, not NAP, have paid them in advance.
  7. ^ :yes:

    You pay NAP and they pay the customs duties (with your money). Everything imported has to go through customs.