NAP and Customs

  1. Does NAP cover customs fees on U.S. shipments? I think someone discussed this before, but I can't remember. Also, is there a free shipping code? Thanks!
  2. ETs going for blue! ;)

    (just a guess, and I know it doesn't answer your question... for some reason I was thinking NAP's price includes customs - not from experience but from forum memory too)
  3. ET...Thinking about blue???

    Yes, NAP does cover customs. You are charged one fee by NAP and then charged a bit more by your credit card company for a foreign currency transaction. If you return the item, NAP credits your account for the item, but deducts the customs and shipping charges.

    Let's see, when I ordered the whiskey Edith from NAP, I was charged $1256.92 by NAP and $37.70 for a foreign currency transaction by MBNA (looking at MBNA statement...). When I returned Edith, I received a credit of $1126.71 from NAP and $33.80 from MBNA.
  4. SoCal, it looks like you actually SAVED a few dollars ordering through NAP! Thinking about the blue...what do we think?
  5. It looks pretty but I'd be afraid to commit based on NAPs pics. I recall how different (better??) their pics of taupe were from IRL. Love blue bags tho'....
  6. I love the blue. Not sure how it goes with jeans though and since I wear jeans a lot.....I say get it ET!
  7. I live in jeans, too.

    Does anyone know the free shipping code? I can't find one on the Deals and Steals thread.
  8. ET, it's FREESHIP. (lol)

    edit: That might actually be expired but you could try it.
  9. blue? am i missing something?

    ET, check your credit card co's foreign exchange finance charge rate. i think that amex was cheaper, like 2% vs 3% for visa/mc.

    freeship was expired last time i tried using it.

    edit: oh...i got it.

  10. There appears to be a beautiful, blue Edith on NAP, but we're not sure whether it's just the turquoise in dodgy lighting! :wondering
  11. Oh, ET, did you get it??? It seems to be such a beautiful color!!!
  12. I wannit I wannit I wannit but I don't have enough moolah :sad:
  13. I have not gotten it (yet). I really want the blue-grey Balenciaga for fall, so I am not sure whether I need a blue Edith as well. But it's just SITTING there! No...must. not. buy. Need to build savings account up more!
  14. ohhh the blue-grey balenciaga is gorgeous.... but so is the blue edith... (I'm soooooo not helping, sorry ET :biggrin: )
  15. ^^ But the b-bag seems a bit more user friendly. A bit lighter weight, and totally different leather. Come on me OUT of the blue Edith! LOL!
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