NAP 50% off: CRYSTAL PADLOCK and key on strap $240!!

  1. hey found this in the NAP sale! 50% off:
    the crystal padlock and key!

    it's assembled to be used as a keychain, but it's just basically that...
    it's about $240...

  2. Still too expensive for a keychain. I thought the original price of that lock was over 600 dollars?
  3. the link above may not work if you're in the US/on the US site (settings are in top left hand corner)

    anyway try this then: Chloé Crystal Padlock Keychain - NET-A-PORTER.COM
    (typed w spaces, it's "www. Net-A-Porter. com/ intl/ product/ 13308"
    (it should go via the international site, perhaps saving you the step of changing site location settings)

    by the way, this consists of:
    - crystal padlock, silver
    - key
    - ring
    - shortish strap around key
    - shortish strap around ring

  4. Does anyone know the original price of this lock? I tried to order it from NAP and with shipping/duties they want $334! I gotta think twice about that!

  5. Anyone? Opinions? Seen it in person?
  6. well i like it, but i can't think of what to use it for..
    it's a bit big for a keychain..
    i wouldn't put it on a non-chloe bag..
    i'd use it to bling up a paddy w silver hardware..
    i may wear it as jewellery, if i was feeling whimsical... it'd be v cute

    wasn't the original price just twice of the current sale price?
  7. It's a lot of money for what it is...cute, but i don't know if i would personally get use from it.
    Anyone going for it?:flowers:
  8. i did play with the idea of swapping the lock on the metallic aubergine paddy for this crystal one... totally blinging that baby up.
    but then it adds a big chunk to the price..
  9. Yeah I thought about using it on my anthracite --- TOTAL BLING! and I would use it as a key chain - still that price of $334! YIKES! That would put my anthracite over $2100! OMG! -- Gotta be realistic ...... hmmmmm.
  10. I'm so happy this went on sale! :yahoo: I've always wanted this for my metallic silver paddy!
  11. Did you get it Pewter? I think if it is still there I will get it tomorrow!:love: