Naomi's Pregnant

  1. WAtt's, That Is !



    Naomi Watts is expecting someone. A source tells Us Weekly that the 38-year-old actress and her actor beau, Liev Schreiber, 39, are going to be parents.
    The couple of nearly two years dined with pals at NYC eatery Pastis on February 18 where “Naomi was visibly pregnant,” an eyewitness says. “Liev was smiling and looking at her stomach. They were cute.”
    Watts’ rep said she doesn’t comment on her client's personal life.

  2. Exciting news, thanks for sharing!
  3. That's fantastic for them! They do make a cute couple.
  4. That's a good news. This year (golden pig) is so good to have a baby =))
  5. OMg for a second I thought a DIFFERENT Naomi :sweatdrop: Imagine the pregnant temper tantrums she would throw :sweatdrop:

    But hey, this is fantastic news :nuts: Congratulations to them, they make such a cute couple!!! :shame:
  6. haha! Prada! You prankster. I thought you were going to say Ms. Campbell. I was about pass out on the floor. :roflmfao:
  7. Me too!
  8. Good for her:yahoo: Although, I also tought it was about the Campbell when I read the title ..
  9. That's what I thought, too!!! LOL

    I love Naomi Watts! Great news!
  10. Hahahaha Gotcha :yahoo: :wlae: :p
  11. Ha sorry ! couldn't resist.

    Hi Print :shame:
  12. you so did get us,

    oooh images of a hormonal naiomi will be stopping me sleeping tonite lol

    so happy for her tho, she is just going to bloom :smile:
  13. Can you imagine Naomi Campbell preggers? The only think I could think was that she'd come up with a fab line of maternity clothes! But yah, the emotion and hormones wouldn't be too good for everyone around her!
  14. That was slick! Just sayin' Naomi w/ no last name in the thread. The 1st Naomi that came to mind was Campbell, of course. I was like "Naomi let someone get close enough to her without bustin' 'em in the head with a Blackberry"!? Anywho, I think Naomi Watts is a doll and Liev's a hunk. I'm so happy for them.


    She's a natural beauty. No make up and she still looks like a cool million.
  15. aw, how incredible for them :biggrin: