Naomi Campbell's Louis Vuitton Air Rage

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  1. The other day, supermodel Naomi Campbell was told she may be banned from travelling on British Airways. The model threw a tantrum after one of her Louis Vuitton bags went missing at Heathrow Aiport :hysteric: She is said to have screamed, waved her arms and spat at a policeman after she was told that one of her LV bags was not loaded on to the aircraft. And this in a week when hundreds of other passengers had to endure missing luggage problems, delays etc at the now-notorious Terminal 5. Don't suppose LV will be asking her to front their products any time soon! :tdown:
  2. She needs to grow up! She seems to do so much good work with one hand and then behave like a vile spoilt idiot of a woman with the other.....
  3. i'm sure that their are women in this forum that would freak out if their LV luggage went missing or their Hermes bag was stolen. she does need to take a chill pill.
  4. I think the lady is mentally unstable.
  5. she needed the bag because her cell phone was in it which she needed because she was planning on beating another assistant with it (where did i hear this joke?)
  6. it doesnt matter if its hermas, LV, or a Walmart special - dont put a bag on a plan you arent willing to lose
  7. I can somehow relate, I wouldn't throw a temper tantrum b/c it is not my nature but regardless of what bag it is I freak out. I have had my luggage lost twice to be found a day or so later but its scary to think your personal items are suddenly gone.
  8. She probably didn't go psycho because the bag was a Vuitton or that it was lost...
    She's just a psycho who has a superiority complex and thinks she's better than everyone else !!!
  9. spat at a policeman?!?! :shocked:
    someone needs to give this chick a tranquilizer!
    what makes her think she can treat people that way???
    i almost want to work as her assistant and wait for her to give me a reason to give it right back to her so i can claim self defense... or sue for a lot of money lol
  10. Omg I think it's a sign that I'm spending too much time obsessing over bags cos I thought "Air Rage" was the name of a new LV bag!

    And wow, Naomi is kinda a brat.
  11. Unbelievable, she needs anger management.
  12. Absolutely but at the moment there are 10,000 bags at Heathrow airport that are waiting to be reunited with their owners because BA are utterly inept and none of them behaved in this's not like it's the first time she's behaved like this
  13. Apparently Naomi has already been in anger management therapy. Doesn't sound very successful.
  14. I can't stand her, she is such a horrible person. Why somebody that life has treated very well gives back nothing but a pile of steaming poo to the world I will never understand. Bad attitude central. Hopefully she gets a reality check soon. One that sinks in.
  15. Having your baggage lost is awful no matter the brand. At this point, no matter how she acts, it's going to be blown out of proportion. She really does need to get a grip though.