Naomi Campbell to be the next LV face???

  1. Well, I was searching for some LiLo info on the web, and I found this:

    ...LV bosses have decided to make actress Naomi Campbell the designer brand's new face.
    The label's designer Marc Jacobs is close friends with Lohan and was pushing for her to represent the label.
    "Marc is great friends with Lindsay and she loves his clothes so it was no surprise rumours were flying...

    I wanted 2 share this 2 u bcz I read that the next model was woing to be Juan I dont know, that chinese or japanese girl, and now I read Naomi Campbell, who will be the one then? I love Lindsay and was very excited about seeing her modeling LV which i loove too... just imaging 2 of my loves together hehe besides now she has recovered her red hair and her lumps came back! She´s preety beautiful...

    Now I got a very happy notice, one f my faves singers, Hilary Duff, is coming to Mexico!! I cant believe it I tought it would never happen, but it does!!! she´s coming on may 20, so I´m getting my ticket right now!! cant wait!!

    haha maybe u´re about to say she has nothing 2 do with LV, but she has some items... hehe

  2. Say it ain't so..... Naomi Campbell- the last thing she needs is more money to afford yet another assistant to hit over the head with a phone!!
  3. Are you ever right!!!!!!! She is an embarassment to her industry.
  4. heh, that's your opinion...

    one of my most FAVORITE Louis Vuitton ads is Naomi Cambpell with the MC...
  5. She is kind of a wack job. She must honestly believe that she is the sh*t to be that arrogant, and not to mention violent.
  6. maybe they could Whitney Houston and Naomi do an ad together...HA!
  7. Yes !! I love that campaign, and it doesn't hurt that her shoes (Cleo Pompeii wedges I think !) are incredibly fabulous ! She is stunning and she is a very good model, I think her campaigns and bank account probably can attest to that.

    The whole violence thing.. well, that's not so great. :wacko:
  8. I don't care how great she is as a model, It's more important to be a nice human being and treat others accordingly - smacking your assistants around - well there is no excuse for that and yes, it is my opinion.
  9. She's beautiful, but I don't think that LV would "reuse" a model from a previous season.
  10. They've reused a model before. I think they kept Uma for another season. I'm not sure who else but I remember someone mentioning another campaign they've used someone who were in their ad campaign before.
  11. keeping a spokesperson for another season doesn't really mean they recycled them... she [uma] was signed on for 2 seasons, as was gisele bundchen, but they're not feeling her so they cut her off. j.lo was signed for 2 seasons too but she got cut off as well for the supermodel (naomi campbell etc) sahara desert etc shoot instead.

    however, bringing someone BACK is a rare thing. it's not like naomi is THAT AMAZINGLY HOT OMG MUST HAVE back on the LV spokesmodel train.. there are others out there...
  12. ok i researched that bwgreyscale site for LV ad campaigns..

    the only model they've "recycled" was Kate Moss, and maybe Eva Herzigova (hard to tell since she always looks the same!).
  13. I don't know whether I like Naomi to be the next LV model but there's no denial she looks better than Lilo in ads.