Naomi Campbell Is The New Spokes Model For Iceberg: What Do Ya Think ?

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  2. I think she pulls it off - but then she pulls off anything - she should just adjust her attitude.....
  3. WOW Iceberg have not seen this for a while ....I think she can bring the line back again ......I love NC
  4. I thought she would be better modelling for Nokia, Motorola, Sony Erikksen, or LG.
  5. I wonder if she slapped the photographer? I don't know why any company would knowingly associate themselves with her -- why beautiful she is CRAZY. Honestly - if anything, she should be a model for Nokia since she clearly knows her way around a phone.

    Or maybe Merry Maids -- cause she has first hand knowledge of maid services.

  6. :roflmfao:
  7. She looks gorgeous there! But she really does scream, DIVA!!!