Naomi and Terrance...Dating?

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    So Terrance "I prefer blondes" Howard and Naomi "Slapaho" Campbell have gone public about their new relationship status. I mean seriously...can celebs just try to make this ish believeable these days? Terrance has said on MANY occasions that he "prefers the Jessica Simpson" types (his words...not mine) and we all know Naomi hasn't been around nearly enough black people in her life if she is still going around hittin' b*tches will bottles and phones. So what's really going on here?? Terrance does have that Pride movie coming out real soon. The NY Daily News is reporting:

    "Naomi's new main squeeze is Terrence," says the snitch. "They are making their debut as a couple this weekend and will attend all the Oscar parties together."
  2. Shock! lol, never thought Terrence Howard would be the type to gor for DIVA's lol!

    He is such a fabulous actor, I loved him in crash.
  3. This is going to blow up! Both are kind of crazy.

    He had better be careful after her relationship with Diddy
    she went around telling people he had small body parts:yahoo:
  4. aaaaaahhh!!! NOOOOO I HOPE this is just a lie or a rumor...! Terrance Howard has been one of my top 10 guys and I think he is soooooo sexy...he needs to stay away from Naomi before he throws a phone at her or something, OMG!!!! :wtf:
  5. OMG! What an odd couple.
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. I wouldn't worry to much. I hear this is just another rumor. I really like Terrance though, plus I think he can do so much better. What man wants a women that uses her cell phone as a weapon, every time she gets pissed off ? :s
  8. :roflmfao:

    ...I :love: Terrance...and the way he sounds like Benicio del Toro...:blush:
  9. I hope Terrance knows self defense, you know, just in case Naomi gets a new phone.
  10. Hhahahaha very odd couple!I thought he is married with several kids?

  11. AMEN to that!! :wtf:
  12. Maybe she beat him into submission?:boxing:
  13. This is way under her dating standards, I can see her with someone like Terrence mush the same for him

    This has to be another rumor I dont beleive this...T4P
  14. NOOO WAY!! she dated Diddy? wow I guess she moved around a lot...