Nantucket Lightship Basket purses

  1. Are any of you familiar with Nantucket Lightship Basket purses and totes?

    I've considered commissioning an artist in Nantucket to make one, as a present for a woman. She lives in Florida, but spends time in the summer on Martha's Vineyard; I think the Lightship Basket purses and totes are popular in New England. I was planning on getting her an open-top basket tote with leather handles, and a cloth liner bag with drawstring (cotton, silk or linen; probably ivory). I also would have an ivory scrimshawed plaque on the side of the basket; possibly with her monogram and a floral border. I've attached a photo of one that's similar to what I considered. Sound nice?

    However, recently when I saw her she carried a small black Chanel zippered clutch/pouch; very casual and pretty small. I'd also previously thought of getting her an Hermés Kelly, and I recently discovered the Kelly pochette. I'm thinking the Kelly pochette in black will be my best bet for her - I know she likes something small, and she apparently likes black. I'm now thinking the Lightship Basket tote might be too big (about 11-13" wide (oval top), and about 9-11" tall). The Lightship basket totes are rigid, woven baskets with a wooden frame; so entirely different from a Kelly. Very old-money and elegant I think (for Cape Cod, etc.), but this woman is 38 and might not want something like that. She lives in Ft. Lauderdale, goes to the yacht club, etc. Very hard for me to choose and know what a woman would want. Any ideas? THANKS VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.
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  2. I think the Hermes Kelly Pochette is very cute. But are you only limiting yourself to Hermes? I mean there are a lot of great high end brand. Maybe a Louis Vuitton clutch in Epi leather?

    Do you think she's want a clutch or something to put on the shoulder? Color? I'm guessing money isn't an issue since you were thinking about getting an Hermes Kelly. Let us know, maybe more ideas will post!
  3. Well...

    I don't really know what kind of purse she likes to carry, i.e. clutch, shoulder strap, large, small, etc. She has 2 children; ages 3 and 7, so I figured perhaps the Lightship Basket tote would be good to hold lots of stuff. However, since she was carrying this small Chanel clutch/pouch, I figured maybe I should stick with something small like that, without a shoulder strap. She normally dresses very casually, so I want something that's not too dressy, and can be used everyday (like her Chanel item).

    I've always thought of Hermés as the best, as well as conservative and elegant. This woman is conservative, and I wouldn't consider Louis Vouitton or anything which has the designer's name too prominent or gaudy (like Gucci, etc.). I think she'd prefer something more understated and elegant. From what I've read, it really sounds like Hermés Kellys and Birkins - and the Kelly in particular, are about the most elegant, classic, and classy handbags I could buy (and to prove that even moreso, it sounds like quite often people CAN'T buy them even if they have the money!).

    I've sort of hoped and thought Hermés really is a step or two above every other purse maker; especially since they're all made by hand (I think the only brand like that, right?), and they're so hard to get. And I like the style; how it's understated, but yet I'm sure every stylish or wealthy woman would recognize that Kelly and the pochette. I figured that for a small clutch/pouch type purse, the Kelly pochette seems to be the cutest, most high-end, and most recognizable, yet still very understated and elegant. Sound about right? I'd say that if I wasn't considering an Hermés, the only other brands I'd think about would be Ralph Lauren Purple Label, maybe Prada, etc.; Nothing which has the brand name written all over it, etc (I don't think she'd want something like that; she's a little more conservative I think). THANKS AGAIN FOR FURTHER ADVICE!
  4. I'd vote against buying the basket since if she wanted one having summered in Martha's Vineyard she would have already bought one.

    I'd go with a classic Chanel cavier purse in a small size from a store like Neiman Marcus where she could exchange it if it was not to her taste. Do you have a price range? There is a BIG difference in the price ranges of the purses you're talking about. Also, Chanel and Hermes are considered more classic in purses, but Prada is more fashion forward and Ralph Lauren makes nice bags but they definitely don't have the same popularity as other brands.
  5. Also, does she always carry small clutches? The Kelly pouchette is really more of an evening only bag in my opinion. Very limited use. A Kelly bag would be a better choice I think.
  6. LeeMiller (and others) -

    I honestly don't know if she usually carries a small clutch, because I haven't seen her often lately (she's in Florida, I'm in Michigan). But when I saw her recently, she carried the small Chanel leather clutch (is that what it's called? It was zippered, soft and unconstructed, just large enough for money, cell & essentials. I know that she's not the type to carry large purses or anything like that. She dresses casually (usually Ralph Lauren, etc.), and I think she likes convenience and ease, so probably only carries something small with her essentials. She doesn't wear much makeup, so wouldn't need to carry much - probaby just lipstick or lip balm.

    I'm hoping that the KP would be ok for everyday for her. I'm sure the size is ok for daily use for her, since she carries the small Chanel. I just hoped it won't be too dressy because of it's style. I think not; it's just very stylish. Right?

    I couldn't get her another Chanel item, as you suggested, since she already has that. I was hoping Hermés is really a step or two above Chanel - correct? I know Prada is more trendy, although it least it's usually a little more subdued than LV and Gucci. I like RL Purple Label, but I know Hermés is much more sought after and cherished. Hopefully it's the best idea. Thanks.
  7. amargulies - have you considered one of the other Hermes styles? There are some, like the Picotin, that are more casual than the KP or the Kelly.
  8. This is a photo of a Chanel pouch which I think is similar to the one she had; except hers was black. I guess this is basically a cosmetics pouch? Hers might've been a little bit nicer or more detailed than this, but basically this is what she had. So, that's why I figured the KP would be a similar size and type of item, but obviously much nicer - right? I just hope the KP is ok for casual, everyday. I'd think it would be ok; especially because since she'll probably be very excited about it, she'll want to carry it even if it's a little dressy.

    I looked at the H Picotin, but I think it's too sloppy looking; not quite as elegant as the KP. Picotin is nice, but maybe somewhat a boring style? That KP really is stunning, I'd think. Based on the attached photo of what she has (black, though), wouldn't the KP be the safest and most logical step up?

  9. I have developed a handbag obsession and this forum certainly has helped that!
    I also, however, MAKE Nantucket baskets, having taken classes with several of our island's best basketmakers. Last summer, I made myself the open tote as described with beautiful brown leather handles and a scrimshaw plaque with my initials. OF course (since I also sew) I made several drawstring purses for the interior.
    I don't carry the purse often, however, when I do, I feel like I am a princess.
    It can be made in many sizes, and in fact, Martha Stewart did a show this week featuring many different styles, including a gorgeous clutch.
    If you are interested in finding out more, please let me know.
    Later today, I will post a photo of mine....
  10. Not all Louis Vuttion, Gucci, and other brands have their name posted all over the bag. You have to really look and search for different styles. You don't need to get the monogram style, but there are other styles and lines that don't yell the brand's name.