NaNoWriMo anyone?

  1. I did a search and didn't find anything for this year, so I was just wondering... who is participating in NaNoWriMo? And how is it going?

    Here's the site for those who are unfamiliar:

    I finished day 2 with 3,502 words, so I'm just slightly ahead of schedule. I haven't run out of things to say yet, so that's a plus! ;)

    Anyone else?
  2. Come on, no one?

    I'm at 4,146 words, so I'm a bit behind but have plenty of time to catch up. My SO is leaving tonight for two weeks, so I spent most of this weekend with him.
  3. I am! I just decided to do it today, so I'm lagging behind a bit, but hopefully I'll catch up. This will be my 3rd year doing it. I managed to win it my two previous attempts!

    LOL, we can be crazy writers together!
  4. I've always kinda wanted to do it, but I honestly don't think my writing skills are up to it! I was always into creative writing in primary school and early highschool, but all that analytical essay writing in high school (and now at uni!) seems to have killed my creative side! Good luck! You'll have to let us all read them when you're done!
  5. You should do it! It's a great exercise. I always feel so proud of myself when I actually make it to 50,000!
  6. I'm about at 4k words...SO far behind! Must get writing. I really want to finish this year!!!
  7. wow what a great idea. I just now found out about it so it is probably to late to sign-up. Good luck and maybe I will try it out next year!!
  8. I'm entering day 7 with 7,537 words. I got a little behind, but I should be able to catch up later this week. Missing Sunday really killed me!

    Good luck, everyone. And hey, don't be afraid about writing poorly. If you want to do it, just go! It's better than writing nothing at all.
  9. Oh my goodness, someone else is participating! You guys are doing much better than me. I'm wayyyyy behind at just under 3k words, but I'm in the middle of a programming class in addition to a complete rewrite of my company's website (200+ pages that I have to have finished by the end of Dec.), and it's killing me finding time to write for myself!

    I think, however, you have inspired me and I'm going to go write another 1,000 words right now ;).
  10. ^ Good luck! I'll be writing in sprints tonight.