Nanogram Cuff bracelet - anyone seen this?

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  1. Hi all! I just saw the new Nanogram Cuff bracelet on the LV website and I'm really interested in it but I'd love to know more - has anyone seen it in person? If so - any thoughts or details to share? Also, is it oval, or more of a round bangle style? Thank you!!!
  2. It's so pretty and must be popular, it's always sold out on line.
  3. I tried it on in the store last weekend, it's gorgeous!

  4. I've got to get myself to a boutique to try it on!! Would you mind telling me a little about the shape of it? I don't really like the way round bracelets feel on my wrist, I prefer an oval shape that's more fitted to the wrist if that makes sense? - and I'm trying to decide whether to start hinting at this for an anniversary gift!!
  5. My wrists are really small so I'm assuming I tried on the small size bracelet. I don't remember it actually being very round, but oh my goodness it is so beautiful! I had the all gold one on and it felt perfect!

  6. Good to hear - thank you!!

    Also - does anyone know if this bracelet is available in Europe? I'm seeing it on the US site but not on the French or EU sites :\
  7. Yes it is available in the UK as i purchased it in the silver tone a week ago from Selfridges in London they also had it in the Bond Street Maison and Harrods in all 3 metal tones but each store only had a few of each size. I love mine and very happy with it as I was considering a Tiffany or Mulberry bangle/cuff prior to seeing this. It was only released in the UK on the 27th May.
  8. I tried on all three colors at Bloomingdales.

    It's oval shaped so it is fitted and doesn't slide around.

    I tried a small and it actually fit well, not too snug on me. I typically wear a GM in Hermes clic H.

    It felt really nice for the costume jewelry line. The metal is very shiny on all of them and the monogram pattern stands out!

    Took awhile to get used to the clasp mechanism but you should be able to remove and put on easily after some practice.
  9. I tried on this lovely bracelet in the 17 size. Although it fit well I just didn't love it like I hoped I would.
  10. I just purchased it in gold! Tried on all of the colours at the LV inside Harrods and fell in love with the bracelets completely! I also stacked the gold with the silver and it looks incredible! :smile:
  11. Hey guys I know this is an older thread, but here's all 3 together... IMG_5212.jpg
  12. They look amazing together! I ended up purchasing two gold cuffs but unfortunately had to return one because it was faulty :sad: which is a shame because I loved stacking two of them together. I was going to re purchase another gold but noticed the clasp on the bracelets isn't very strong, meaning that both of mine did tend to pop open every now and then.
  13. You're right, the clasps are not very strong. I noticed though, that they only pop open when you turn your wrists sideways, and this is how I also get them off at night. If you turn them the opposite way, upside down, it does happen less. I though there was a malfunction in the beginning, but then I thought maybe they were made this way on purpose? Either way, I do love them all together. I like LV jewelry I think way more than Hermes or Chanel...

  14. Yes I agree! LV has always been my go-to brand for bags and accessories, so I thought I'd branch out into LV jewellery but I feel like I need my bracelets so be slightly more secure. I just ordered a Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet to wear with my remaining LV cuff so I'm excited to see how they look together :smile:
  15. Are this real gold ? Gold plated?