Nano. Too small?

  1. Hi everyone! Recently went to a local store to try out the nano. Tried putting my LV wallet but it could only fit at the top (since it's bigger on top) but that's about it. I already have a mini and i'm considering getting a nano because I love the idea of being hands free. The problem is, i think it's a bit too small. I'm 5'8. What do u think? Need advice please, thanks!
  2. I have two nano and I love it, it actually can hold a lot of stuff in that little thing. I use a small wallet so it's not a problem for me maybe you can switch to a smaller wallet? It can easily fits my wallet, good amount of make up and sunglass. I like my nano stuffed I think it looks better :smile:
  3. I was just thinking of getting a nano I have a few mini and phantoms. I haven't seen the right color in a nano!!! I'll probably wait for the resort season.
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    Hi ChelleGelle! It does seem like it could fit quite a number of things. I'm just not sure if the size would not look too small on me. If only they can make it just a little bit bigger, that would be fantastic :smile: (on the other hand, I might consider switching to a smaller wallet just to be able to fit into the nano if I am able to find the perfect color)

    Giselle2, I'm also looking for the right color before taking the plunge. The fluo pink and cobalt blue are dreamy, but I'm still waiting if they'll come up with more delicious colors. (not sure though if I can still wait, my hands are itching for a nano! LOL)
  5. I think nano is too small, just like a 25cm birkin, look like a toy
  6. Go get one! I got 2 :smile: love them both!!! I have a phantom, mini, micro, and may use the nano for grocery, church, movie, date 😍😍😍
  7. I'm about 5"7 and I think It's ok. If you are scared it looks too small go for bright colors nano they appear bigger and I think it nicer. Hope this help;)

    And yes jacknoy is right is great for for grocery, church, movie, date:smile:
  8. Hi! I just got the nano and I am 5'7". I don't think it will be too small on you. I am so excited to use this while traveling! (among other things!). I was looking for a cross body and couldn't pull the trigger on anything at LV bc I just didn't love anything! This makes me soooooo excited to pull out of the closet! It does fit a lot. But you should get a smaller wallet so it's not overstuffed.
  9. Oh that's what I did too, I bought a small wallet just for my nanos :smile:
  10. Hi jacknoy! Saw your reveal! Congratulations on your 2 new beauties! I'm planning on using the nano just for the weekends, so maybe it's not going to be so small after all :smile: but we'll see, i'm flying out next week to the land of shopping, Hongkong! :smile:
  11. You're absolutely right about going for bright colors, ChelleGelle. Saw Rihanna with the black nano and it looked like a toy on her!
  12. Hi CCmoiselleCC! Congratulations on your nano! May I know what color you got? Modeling pictures please! :smile:
  13. Another question, girls. I'm interested in scoring a python nano, but I'm not sure how it will hold up in the long run. Do you think it's advisable? The price difference is almost double, so I need to be really sure if I decide to take the plunge.
  14. Oh good luck!! I love my nanos and I bet you'll love it too
  15. I have a black Nano, and I just got this gorgeous red Nano. I think it fits a ton!!!
    Although after seeing how gorgeous this red color is in person, I am considering getting it in a mini! LOL