Nano speedy or speedy 25??

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Nano Speedy or Speedy 25 Bandouliere

  1. Nano Speedy

    6 vote(s)
  2. Speedy 25 Bandouliere

    29 vote(s)
  1. I've been dabating what to purchase myself for my birthday. I've been looking at the Nano Speedy or the Speedy 25 bandouliere. I already have a speedy 35 without the strap. What are some opinions out there?
  2. Speedy b 25! ;)
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  3. Speedy 25 b, for me the nano would be too small
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  4. I own the Speedy 25 (not Speedy B), and it's suprisingly roomy! Nano is too small IMO
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  5. I've voted Speedy B 25: it holds A LOT (I don't downsize anything from what I carry everyday in my Neverfull MM when I switch bags) and you get way more options of carrying it - crossbody, shoulder, crook of the arm, holding by hand. It's a great bag for travel, sightseeing, shopping or even as an everyday bag - depending on your lifestyle of course. The strap adds a lot of functionality!

    The nano is cute, but it's seasonal and you can only carry that crossbody, as the strap is not detachable. I think for a nano it still fits quite a bit, but nothing but your minimal essentials. However, it should be just fine if you want some quick grab and go bag for running errands. I guess it depends how you imagine using the bag, as there is a huge price difference between the two as well; the speedy b 25 is more versatile, but if you only want a small crossbody then maybe it's not worth paying extra.

    However, what you need to consider is your frame - Speedy B 25 looks good carried no matter if you're skinny and short or curvy and tall - but I guess the nano can only look good on someone rather skinny and short. I suggest to go to the store, try both on to see how they look with your frame and see how they accommodate your items to get a better idea which one fits your life more.

    Good luck deciding and let me know what you end up getting! :smile:
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  6. Speedy B 25!!!
  7. Speedy B 25!!! Love mine.
    Nano is too small.
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  8. Speedy B 25!!!!!
  9. Speedy b 25
  10. I think the next bag (whenever that will be LOL) I'd get a speedy 25 B. Maybe even a mon mono one - something different but still a classic with your own spin on it :smile:
  11. I own the Speedy HL, and I can only recommend this bag. A bit larger than the Nano and the strap is detachable. I almost use it every day and I get a lot of compliments for it. I use it as a grab-and-go bag, casual evening bag and also inside larger bags.

    The only thing is, it is currently discontinued.
  12. Nano = trendy
    25 = classic

    I'd choose the classic bag.
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  13. I am a big fan of the nano as my speedy 30 was too big to carry to work for just my essentials but not big enough for laptop, so I carry a mini bag inside a tote. There is supposed to be a stickers nano speedy coming out soon if you want something limited edition (I have my mind on that one!) but speedy b 25 would be a great choice too!
  14. 25!! Nano is too small!!
  15. I have both and for all who say the nano is small, it surprisingly holds quite a bit. It all depends on how much you carry.
    I would choose the 25 as you can remove the strap and fit more without it looking huge.