Nano Noe - should i return

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  1. Hi guys,
    So we all know about the nano bag trend, and how the lv nanos are super hard to come by. But i think because the boutiques are closed, they actually get restocked quite often online. So the first time i saw the nano noe i was too excited and ordered it without much considerations. Now i'm seeing both speedy and noe appearing more i'm debating if i shoud keep the nano noe...i feel like i only purchase it cuz it's a hot item. I also noticed other hot item such as favorite, and multi pochette also get restocked more frequently.

    I do like it, but i don't know if i love it. what would you guys do.

    for anyone who's looking for these bags, i see them get restocked around 11 am on the canadian site.

    Should i keep or return it?
  2. If you have to ask, it's a return. Sounds like you got caught up in the frenzy of finding a hard to find item.
    I have 3 nanos and I love them all.
  3. Thanks for the reply!! May I ask what do you have? they are super cute. i also debate maybe i would like the speedy better. but already have speedy 30 in exact same i'm not sure. i do love my speedy.
  4. I have the nano Noe, Speedy and Dora
    And before you ask whether I prefer the Noe or Speedy, I'm going to redirect you to the Nano club thread here: :smile:
  5. Return. I just bought a pre-loved nano noe that I thought I would want along with my nano speedy. I much prefer the nano speedy. I returned the nano noe.
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  6. did you get the nano speedy from official website?
  7. I have 2 / 3 and agree with what you advised 100%.
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  8. I got mine off the website. I live near 2 boutiques (one is a flagship) and they have not seen nano speedy in years in store.
  9. Nope. I was on the waiting list at my boutique after stalking the website for almost a year and never seeing one come up on the US site. When my store got one in they charged my card and shipped to my home.
  10. i feel like i have a good chance of getting a nano speedy these days. ive seen up come up a few times in the last week. but i think i just get caught in the hype. should let the bag go to someone who really wants it. will likely return...sigh but part of me is afraid that i will regret after i return
  11. I have no regrets on my return, but I have the speedy already. I much prefer the zipper closure and the speedy holds more. I believe the return deadline is extended, perhaps you should wait until you get the speedy to decide.
  12. Return and get the nano speedy. i have the speedy b25 and for me they are not the same. i can use my nano speedy as a daily bag because it fits my essentials like mini pochette as a catchall, key pouch, card holder and my iphone11pro. as for the speedy b25, i can use it for travelling or if i want to carry more than my essentials. i love bags with zipper for security purposes. nano noe is so cute but i will be bothered by the tie. luckily i got mine by just walking in and i even got the chance to compare it with the nano noe as it was also available.if you get one of these and later decided that its not for you, you can just sell it and probably can get your money back. anywho, GLD
  13. I think it has been easier these days because there is more stock online...perhaps i will try getting a speedy too then compare. I also heard that the quality of the newer bags are not as good as the older ones. May I ask when did you guys purchase your bags, and can you comment on the quality?
  14. I have always bought what I absolutely loved, regardless of popularity. And when I absolutely love something, I KNOW it. I don't question it. Hope that helps.
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  15. I got mine 1st week of february. i have a wapity case which is from 2005 bought it preloved but basically new and a pochette accessoires from 2012. i can only say that the canvas is much thicker comparing with my newer pieces like the speedyb25, nano speedy and mini pochette. in my opinion the thicker canvas is prone to cracking. but as i said i dont have much experience about it. but i love how my the hardware of my wapity case,its in perfect condition considering its from 2005, my speedyb25 hardware tarnish after 3x of use. stored it in a dustbag and it got worst. send it to LV to have it repair and it took months to get it back. i had to push them to change all the hardwares. and so far until now hardware is looking fine. so thats just my experience and opinion. im not an expert or anything. just base on my experience and the items i have.
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