Nano mono for a guy?

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  1. Hi, all!!

    So tomorrow I will be making my third trip this week to my LV store (can't go today since it's my favorite SA's day off), because for some reason this week has been all about LV shopping for me LOL...

    I was on the Web site, and I really, really the nano bracelet--but I'm wondering if it will look right on a guy?

    What do you all think? Is it to small/thin to be passed off on a guy's wrist?
  2. I'm a guy and I've tried it on and it definitely looks good! The thin straps keep it looking simple but after looking at the Save It bracelet I wanted that one 😍
  3. I am not a guy, but I absolutely think a guy could wear this.
  4. I am a guy and I really want that bracelet. :graucho:
  5. it would look nice on a guy -- go for it!
  6. Agree with everyone else - I think it'd look great. Get it! :smile:
  7. If you get it, can you post a pic of it please? :biggrin:
  8. Hi all! Thank you for the responses.

    So I went to go try it on.. it was a size 19 and it fit perfectly on my wrist. It looked really nice, not too feminine (not that I'd care about that, but in case anyone else was wondering). I didn't end up purchasing though--it just didn't speak to me like my pieces usually do (I know, I sound crazy.)

    In my opinion, it looked a lot nicer to me in photographs; in person, it just looked.. washed out or something.

    Thank you for all the opinions though!