Nano luggage tote price Singapore HELP

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  1. Does anyone know the prices of a single color Nano in Singapore? I know it was SGP3350 in 2015 - has the price increased since?
  2. I'd like to know the price of the Micro!
  3. Oh i'm heading to Singapore in August this year. Would love to know prices for large trio, nano in drummed or multi colour, and zip around continental wallets if anyone knows!

  4. Hi. Just saw this thread.
    I got my Celine tri-colour Nano in January at SGD3500
    And the single Colour nano was going for SGD3350.
    I'm assuming the price has not been change yet?

  5. IIRC, the trio lambskin is going for SGD1400 and SGD1600 (large). The goat skin trio I think is SGD50 more than the lambskin? Sorry I can't remember much as I found myself becoming more absent-minded after giving birth.