Nano Luggage - A Classic?

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  1. Hi all - and apologies if this has been a thread before.

    I can't help but love the Celine nano luggage bag every time I see it whether on instagram or at a department store, but my hesitancy in pulling the trigger on it is whether it is something that I will wear 5 years from now or not. I was a huge fan of the smooth black leather version with gold hardware and recently noticed that Hedi Slimane brought that version back into the color rotation... which had me thinking it was a sign I need to pull the trigger.

    I would love feedback on this and whether I should get this bag! I need a more casual everyday (but small) black bag, and my other considerations are the balenciaga city and one of the empreinte louis vuitton top handle bags.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. It’s a great bag. Very useful. I don’t know how on trend it will be in 5 years but it won’t change its usefulness imo. I love mine
  3. I definitely think it is a classic by now. I still see it on a lot of people in Paris where I live, and I know that Celine is planning on editing it in various colors every season, because demand is still going strong for that bag! Also, it seems to be constantly praised for his durability and practicality, which are also for me the mark of a classic :smile:.
    I myself am contemplating a nano purchase for the fall ;)
  4. I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve never been interested in the nano luggage but have over the past couple years collected quite a few Celine bags. Now I’m looking at the nano for a everyday throw all into bag. Went to see the colors in stock today and have such a hard time picking one and wondering if I’ll love it in the long run. For me it doesn’t have to be a classic but has to be useful and I have to love it for many years to come.

    Also I’m short (5’2”) and know the strap fits long but don’t think it’s too bad.

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  5. We're about the same height and I've recently purchased the Nano in Souris for something different than the usual black bag. I use it all the time and don't find the strap length to be an issue at all :smile:
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  6. That’s great you’re liking your bag. I’m really torn about the color now. I’m thinking black would be so universal but like you said it would be something different and I already have so many black bags. So you wear a lot of black yourself? I tend to wear blacks/grey/white. Totally monotone lol. Maybe I would get more use out of black? So tough. I actually wouldn’t mind a cream color bag. The dune color I think has too much yellow in it.
  7. Did you see the color kohl? It is a very nice grey with a hint of blue.
    It might go well with your color palette!

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