Nano in Calfskin Satin or Nubuck

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  1. Anyone has any feedback on the above materials on a Nano? I'd prefer the bag to maintain its structure over time and hopefully less maintenance (rain stain, scratches, color transfer etc).
  2. I have a Nano with Nubuck wings and it has held up really well after over a year of using it and I haven't had any trouble with color transfer either. I don't carry the bag on rainy days though as I hear rain is a Nubuck/Suede killer and I love the bag too much to chance it :smile:
  3. I have the nano in calf skin and nubuck. The calfskin has lasted much longer. Does not show as many scratches!
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  5. Hey thanks for the reply! Is ur nubuck in light or dark color? Where I live the weather's rather unpredictable and if gonna be a killer then it's gonna be a cause for concern. I do like the colors available with nubuck leather better though.
  6. Is your calfskin in satin finish as well? I haven't seen it in real life yet.

  7. It's a shade of green they called Palm, not a light or dark green :smile:
  8. Here is a picture of my Nano with Nubuck wings....

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