Nano Crossbody Strap?

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  1. I have been hesitant to purchase a nano luggage because the one I tried on in the past was a tad bit too long on my short frame when worn crossbody. Today I tried the nano on again at Barney's and the strap seemed shorter and the bag sat at just the right spot on my hip. Does anyone know if they shortened the strap on the nano? I haven't seen any discussion on this topic. I'm hoping the bag I tried on was a not a return after a customer had shortened it! Thanks!
  2. Hi there. I recently purchased a nano from a very recent shippment. I did not feel the strap is shorter than the ones I tried on in store from last spring. I'm about 5 7 and the handles have always hits just slightly about my hip bones when wore crossbody(unless I'm wearing a puffy winter coat).

    Just to be sure,I measured the strap length of my nano so you can compare if you like, its about 42.5 inches, not including the hardwares. I hope this helps :smile: