Nano belt : blue abysse or black ?

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  1. Hi everyone
    I am planning to buy a nano belt bag, but I am hesitating between the "Abysse blue" and the black.
    I am afraid the bag would be too boring in black, that's why I consider picking the blue instead. Do you know if the blue is dark enough to avoid color transfer if I wear a suede or a denim jacket ?
    I don't own a black bag anymore because I sold all of them, and now I just own a Chloe Drew in cement pink. So I thought maybe it's better to choose the black...
    What do you think ?
  2. I have the abyss in a cabas phanom bag. i love it! There are a loooot of black bags out there, so i would suggest the abyss since you like it and i think its stunning for the nano belt bag. And buy a black bag another time.
  3. I had to pick between both for the Mini belt bag, ended up picking the Abyss Blue with gold hardware. Here are some enabling pics. :smile: First pic was taken in a Uniqlo store, the 2nd was at the Celine boutique.

    And I'm pretty sure Abyss Blue is dark enough to avoid colour transfer.

    49605980_2225628381027233_1587936811915673600_n.jpg 54267971_230493314454043_1091084257696153600_n.jpg
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  4. Thanks for your answer !
    99% chance of buying the abysse blue next week !
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  5. Hello, did you end up buying the bag? I just purchased the Abyss Blue color and have worn it, and I can tell you it is a gorgeous bag!
  6. The abyss blue is an amazing colour. You will not regret buying it.
  7. Yes, I bought it last month and I don't regret it ! It became my every bag. The color and the size I have chosen are perfect for me.
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  8. [​IMG]Just happen to saw both black and abyss blue in my friend's store.
    the blue is similar to navy but has a bit green undertone.

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  9. Yay, congrats!
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