nanny/housekeeper trouble - HELP!!!

  1. hi all

    i really don't know how to handle this... so i'm going to put it out there in the hopes i'll get some good advice. we have two little children, a 2 year old and a 4 month old. we have a nanny who comes in to help me. she is more like a mother's helper as she doesn't do any real housework except empty and load the dishwasher and some laundry and i am mostly around.

    i received a 50$ bouquet of flowers on saturday from my husband and 2 year old. on monday i changed the water and left them in their vase in the kitchen. i was rushing out the door to get the baby to the doctor for his shots and they were wet so i didn't put them back in the living room.

    when i came back the flowers were gone. i called the nanny and she claimed she threw them out vase and all!!! she's never been asked to deal with flowers. i said i would go look for them in the trash, to at least salvage my vase. i found nothing. i call her back and she says she left the whole bouquet including the vase on the ground near the green bin used for vegetable waste product. again nothing... it is so weird. why would someone throw out the vase, even assuming they thought the flowers were garbage - which they obviously were not... why not ask? i have a feeling she thought they were garbage and decided to take them home and would just return the vase the next day but was too embarrassed to fess up so she lied.

    either way this is so messy... why lie? why throw out a vase? i just don't get it. remember i trust this person with my children!!! what would you do? how would you handle this???:confused1:
  2. sounds like she has sticky fingers to me...sorry..Id look for a new nanny.
  3. i personally would not leave my children with someone who i can't trust or feel uncomfortable with. if she can lie about a simple thing like the vase, she can lie about your children...especially cause they're so young still. if i were you, i'd find another nanny (to be on the safe side).
  4. Maybe I'm naive, but is it possible a neighbor grabbed the flowers and vase off the street? If she put them by the trash bin, some people will "dumpster dive" or go thru trash for stuff, maybe someone was driving by and saw the vase and grabbed it?
  5. She really had no right to touch the flowers. I really would have second thoughts on her in watching your children. I find it hard to believe any person would take pretty flowers in a vase and just throw them out---I mean if a person throws them out they are in the garbage. If you still feel comfortable with her I would suggest a nanny cam......if she can take your flowers who knows what else can go missing.
  6. I think you have already answered your own question on what to do. Trust your instincts, you will be glad you did.
  7. HHHUUUHHHHH????? Noboby in the whole entire WORLD... English speaking or not, would ever consider a vase full of beautiful flowers RUBBISH... That is just crazy talk. Unless they were all dead and wiltered you could never mistake a flower for trash. Very bizarre behaviour if you ask me......... :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  8. She has to go. This is a sketchy situation and I would never leave my children with someone so questionable. Consider yourself lucky to have something like this happen....HUGE RED FLAG.
  9. I'm sorry to say this, because I know that "good" help is hard to find, but if you can't trust her with something as simple as a vase, how can you trust her with your most prized possesions, your kids.
  10. Get rid of her.
  11. Perhaps shes jealous...thats what I'm thinking..throwing out flowers ina vase...thats werid!!!
  12. If you don't think you can trust her with the flowers, then you should get another nanny. It seems that there might be other issues with her because a vase/flower wouldn't concern me too much unless other things had also happened.
  13. This is so weird. Who on earth steals flowers? Who knows what else she's "thrown away in the bin" before!! Do you ever leave cash or smallvaluable items around the house?

    In any event, obviously you do not trust her and since this is your children's safety we're talking about -I would get a new nanny.
  14. Throwing out brand new flowers not even a day old? Come on! I would get rid of her and double check anything valuable that you have and may not have used in a while that could have gone missing w/o you easily noticing it right away.
  15. Someone said earlier...HUGE RED FLAG. Do not trust her with your children. Something sounds fishy.