Nanny Diaries

  1. Who here has seen the Nanny Diaries? Any thoughts on it? Opinions?

    I personally preferred the book, but a pretty good movie. I really could relate to the interaction between her and Grayer (was that it?).
  2. OMG! I almost walked out of the movie.. I did not expect to be like that and it really didn't have all that much going on! It was a total waste of money, usually I like chic movies. This one was no bueno!
  3. I've read the book, didn't know there was a movie! I'd like to see it, although the book was kind of boring.
  4. The only reason I saw it was because it was filmed in my neighborhood and I unfortunately am all too familiar with these types of families. They sure hit the nail on the head about the mother and father but not really about the nanny. Rarely do you see somewhat like that with a child in the neighborhood. I am also really getting sick of the over exposed Scarlett but the little boy was precious.
  5. I just saw the movie today, the book was much better. I liked it and the kid was too cute.