Nanny 911/Trading Spouses?

  1. I love watching these two shows... I like to see how other families live and interact with each other. I feel that watching these kind of shows will help me develop a sense of what it takes to be a good parent and so I won't make the same mistakes that some of these parents are making on the shows.

    Am I the only one that has a tear roll down their cheek at the end of almost every Nanny 911 episode? It makes me all happy inside to see things going right, kids treating their parents like the way they should, and saying goodbye to the Nanny. :sad:

    Also: I was wathcing previews to the new American Idol season... I feel kinda bad for some of the people that audition... :sad:
  2. John you are so cute! My bro and I watch it too! Sometimes I am so surprised to see how the kids treat their parents!
  3. Oh also my bro wants to get on it! Too bad he is a good kid!
  4. yep, i watch the both shows as well as super nanny. sometimes i will just be shocked at how the kids treat their parents,like is that how kids are now?

    and trading spouse is one of my favorite shows, especially when both are totally different. one episode that scared me was that crazy plump reglious lady who kept calling nearly everyone satan.
  5. She's coming back!!!!! I can't wait to see that episode!!!
  6. really??:nuts: the show wants her back? oh my, that should be a good episode, i sure would not want her coming to my house!! :sweatdrop:
  7. I don't really like Nanny 911, but I have to admit that trading spouses is really interesting. Yesterday I saw an episode where this christian fundamentalist woman traded place with this lesbian woman, and I couldn't believe how she acted! When she got home to her kids she hugged them and asked if they had been "destroyed" by the lesbian woman and if they were ok etc etc.. I was shocked. What a nasty, close-minded woman.
  8. I like Trading Spouses. Problem is, it's on when How I Met Your Mother is on. So I watch that and then catch the last half of Trading Spouses. (Or is that Wife Swap?)

    I like the one with the rule change the best.

    I remember watching a Nanny 911/Supernanny episode (can't remember which) where a single mother needed to take more control with her kids. So the mother and daughter had this huge violent row over homework. But then another huge, violent fight broke out because the mother wanted her daughter to stop eating cashews so close to dinner.

    I'm watching the whole fight going, "My GOD, Woman! Pick your battles! The homework was important. The cashews weren't that big a deal."
  9. I loved the technique that was used on children who are clearly too old for a pacifier but still use them.

    The nanny called on to help the family gathered up all the pacifiers in a bag so they could give them to the babies that need them. The bag of pacifiers was left somewhere and the next day, a surprise for the child was left in its place.

    That was a much more effective technique then either letting the child keep using one or constantly trying to wrench it away from them.

  10. WHAT !!! Oh, no - I will have to set the Tivo season pass for that one. I love a good train wreck. :roflmfao:

    I like those shows too; I wish I could get my DH to watch Wife Swap so he would realize how good he has it. :p

    He popped his head during this past week's episode; saw how tattooed mom 1 was, said, "that's a little much" rolled his eyes and walked out.
  11. LOL! DH thought the Mom was too inked?

    I love these shows too.
    I have twins and it seems like a LOT of the Nanny shows are about crazy twins, I like seeing her techniques, I already use a lot of them so it's oddly validating for me:upsidedown:

    I LOVE the shows where the wives swap, it's SOOO fascinating, some people are sooooooo freakin' weird!:shocked:
  12. uh-huh; he had a bout of pot calling the kettle black. :p

    shoot -that just reminded me that I missed part 2 of the episode with that FL socialite who married the cheating male model - dammit - I hate when I don't utilize my Tivo properly.
  13. your DH is cute!:lol:
  14. OMG, that woman was the most freakish, psychotic, un-Christianlike person I've ever seen. I sat there in front of the TV like :wtf: for the whole hour!

    Amusing that she has her own Wikipedia page & her own website.

    Marguerite Perrin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. LOL!!! I died laughing on this part from the link above:

    "Many viewers were taken aback by Marguerite's erratic behavior, vociferous attitude, yelling, unexplained vomiting, and continuous proselytization." :roflmfao: