Nanny 9-1-1

  1. Anyone else watch this show? (A nanny is called in to help out kids that are being little terrors.)

    The most recent one I've seen was about a woman who lost her husband a year ago. He was always the disciplinarian and the mom doesn't know how to do that now. The kids hit her and hit each other.

    The nanny was showing the mom how to take control. First with homework, which made sense. Of course the girl starts screaming and swearing hitting her mother.

    The next big fight was because the mom wanted the daughter to stop eating pistachios so close to dinner. The girl wouldn't stop so the mother said she wouldn't get her rice with dinner. That really upest the girl and there was ANOTHER big fight.

    My question is, I get that she's trying to exert more control, but wouldn't it make sense to pick your battles? Homework is important, but is it really worth blowing the house up over pistachios?
  2. I like Supernanny, I don't think I've seen Nanny 911. But the shows are pretty similar. I just happen to catch SN instead.
  3. i have watched Nanny 911, think that the nanny is older then Jo in supernanny, right? i don't have kids but i enjoyed both shows. lately i watched reruns of the supernanny (british version with Jo), i don't know how the parents does it with those bratty kids. it is a fun show.
  4. ive seen it a few times.. but i hate tv so i hardly watch it.. lol
  5. I much prefer Supernanny to Nanny 911. I remember watching Nanny 911 once and she had the kids that swore running around with a roll of toilet paper! What ever happened to traditional discipline? After that....... I never watched the show again.