1. Any other nannys on the forum?
  2. I'm not currently a nanny, but I did nanny before I moved from the states to Germany
  3. no, but I have one!
  4. oh, what'd you move to Germany for?

    I'm a nanny for a little 7 month old boy. My mom is from England actually, she's a real English nanny - graduated from a nanny college and everything :smile: My family does foster care as well so I'm used to having kids around all the time!
    Everyone tells me I'll either have a lot of kids, or none! haha

  5. is that working well?
  6. My parents separated in April 2006 (but are not getting divorced). My boyfriend, now hubby, is from Belgium but lives and works in Germany and we met through my cousin. I knew that I wanted to be with him, and since my mom was moving back to Germany anyway (she is German) I came with her!
  7. I nannied for a few different families.

    I was pretty much working all day everyday, except for Sunday.

    Family A:

    2 kids (girls) ages 1.5 and 3

    Family B:

    1 baby (boy) 6 weeks

    Family C:
    3 kids (girl 3, boy 2, girl 4 weeks).

  8. I just do the one at a time. His parents both work at home, although his dad travels a lot. So his mom is here quite often; I'm not used to taking care of kids with their parents in the house all the time but its working out okay. I work everyday 8-5. Not weekends though...
    He just learned to start crawling -- which is a bittersweet thing as I'm sure you know lol.
  9. lol, yes it is very sweet when they start to crawl!

    It actually worked out very well for me, since one family only needed me on Mo and Thur, another on Tue Wed and the other Fri Sat. In Family B, the mother stayed home while I watched the baby...It was a bit weird at first, because I felt like she was going to bite my head off any minute, but it didn't take long until we adjusted to eachother :smile:
  10. lol -- i don't feel like she is going to bite my head off or anything. generally she is upstairs and the little one and i are on the first floor. she does come downstairs to get something or go to the kitchen every once in awhile though.
    the only thing i don't like about it is that she can hear anytime he cries and i dont want her to think i'm ignoring him, but sometimes he's just whining or something... she's pretty understanding though. and knows he whines sometimes since she does spend time with him also :smile:
  11. perfectly, we adore her!:yes:
    She's about 8 weeks pregnant now, so it'll forve me to wean myself from having so much extra help! LOL!
  12. lol :smile:
    are you a SAH mom?
  13. I'm currently pregnant and have two older children - soon to be 8 and my son will be 11 when the baby is born. I'd like to find a part-time nanny who would also do housekeeping. Does such a nanny exist? Any idea about how much it would cost or how to go about finding one? I've just started investigating the sites online that advertise nannys and nanny wanted positions.

    The idea of having a baby in the house again has my head swimming and I think I'd like a little help! :p

    Swanky, Is your nanny full or part time?
  14. Yes, I was one of them :smile:

    I registered with when it was still free, and all of my families found me through there. My duties were: watch the children, light housekeeping (unloading/loading dishwasher, cleaning up after kids, etc) and laundry (for the family that had the infant) :smile:
  15. Yes, there are quite a few nannies who will do housework as well. I just go to interviews, find out what the parents are looking for, and decide if I'm willing to do all that work, or if it'll be an easy job lol. The more work required, the more you should pay.
    I get $11.50 (started at $11) an hour to watch one seven month old and I don't have to do any housework (they have maids). I got pretty lucky to find such a well paying job with so little requirements. I've had some people offer me a lot less and but want me to do a lot more, with multiple children. Salary just depends what you're looking for and where you live.
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