Nanette Lepore.

  1. Which one do you prefer? (one has teal in it)


  2. i like it with the teal
  3. I like it in teal too. I saw that top at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and loved it! You should definitely get it!
  4. i like the one with little teal in it! i love nanette she has awesome stuff!~
  5. OH no I waited too long and now its all sold out.:crybaby: If anyone sees either of these online in a size 2...can you please tell me?
  6. i like the teal also, but both are cute! the difference is very subtle
  7. The one with teal in it is really cute.
  8. i don't like either, but teal is nicer!
  9. Teal, teal, teal!!!
  10. my friend has that top and it's sooo cute! i like the teal one best
  11. the tea is my favorite too! if i see it in a size 2 anywhere, i'll let you know!

    i really want the dress version, soo cute
  12. yeah, teal!!!
  13. I join the teal chorus, pretty, love Nanette Lepore! If you stalk some online stores, you might find it relisted after a return.
  14. definitely the teal one.