Nanette Lepore for Keds

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  1. Anyone else seen the line and have any thoughts? I haven't worn Keds since junior high but I am finding this line to be surprisingly cute. I am not even a big Nanette Lepore fan but they do look like they would make really cute and comfy bumming around shoes. The satin signature ones especially seem like they would be kind to the feet. I remember treating my Keds almost like slippers when I was younger and having them hold up through much undeserved abuse (I played pretty rough and tumble for a girl even as a pre-teen). Anybody actually seen them in person yet? Anyone own any and have thoughts? Now that they are starting to hit the sale racks, I am starting to contemplate an investment (initial price of $70-ish seemed like to much for Keds to me).
  2. I just got a pair last week during the NM 30% off sale. I got this pair:

    They're really comfortable, and I didn't even get any blisters wearing them for the first time :tup:

    I love this collaboration - I think the satiny fabric (the description says canvas, but the outside fabric is a smooth satiny fabric) goes so well with the style.

    I'm in love with them :heart:
  3. they have some for $42 at bloomingdales now

    i like the white ones with black script! not sure if i'd ever wear them though...
  4. I just saw these in person for the first time this weekend.. i was not interested in them until now.. Problem is they run quite large.. like a full size larger. The smallest size was too big for me (6) :'O((
  5. I don't know if I like them... I've seen the ones with "Nanette Lepore" scrawled across them in red cursive.
  6. I think these are ADORABLE! Not sure how young you have to be to carry them off, and in what circumstances they work, but CUTE, CUTE, CUTE.
  7. Really? I didn't have any problem with them. :confused1: I'm usually a 7.5 and that's what I got in these. They're a teensy bit big when I first put them on, but I think if I go down to 7, then it would get uncomfortable after I've walked in them all day.
  8. I just wanted to thank everyone that advised me to get these. During the Bloomie's private sale I was able to snag a pair of the black satin ballet flats for about $25 and I absolutely LOVE them. So comfy, easy on, easy off. I am really fussy about my shoes and have lots of feet problems but these have been great. Definitely my new favorite flats. Thanks again!