Nancy Reagan's Sunglasses at Ford Funeral

  1. Does anyone know what this BRAND she was wearing is?
    She looked pretty good.

  2. Can't see pix.
  3. Click on the 'X' and you can view the picture.

    I don't know the brand of glasses.

    I love Nancy. She's so elegant and dignified.
  4. My guess is Gucci. no idea though.
  5. Yeah, she really knew what looked good on her and always had a certain sense of style. I always wondering what classy woment like her and Lady Di would think of the new breed of modern-day skanks like Britney.

    Gucci is a good guess but I don't know either.
  6. I can't see pictures, but if you could send me one or try reposting I'm sure I could help. (i'm a bit of a sunglass expert :smile:)
  7. Thanks - it worked. Yes, they're really nice - not quite dark enough for me, I like really dark sunglasses. Surprisingly chic.
  8. Can't see the pics.
  9. It looks like Gucci. Whatever it is, she looks fabulous!!!!!
  10. I can't see the picture.... if it is in fact Gucci I should be able to ID them.
  11. Is there a pic for reference?

    The last presidential funeral I watched was Nixon and that was because I was home sick with the chicken pox.