Nancy Grace expecting twins

  1. I just read it a Celebrity baby Blog! She's 47. Sorry if it was posted before...I could not find a thread if it was.
  2. I'm happy for anyone who is happily major congrats to her. (But she grates on my nerves that woman...)
  3. Super annoying woman, but congrats anyway.
  4. I have to say that Nancy Grace is my guilty pleasure. She's my favorite news lady.
  5. I saw a picture of her on this morning, I had no idea she was 47!
  6. ^^ neither did i
  7. I catch her show every once in awhile. Congrats to her!
  8. 47 - she looks great!
    Kind of has an angry vibe to her, but she rocks to have babies at that age.
  9. twins at 47! wow!
  10. i have no idea who she is?
  11. ^^^cnn crime talk host
  12. Congratulations to her!! I had no idea she was 47 either.

    lol...anyone watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? That blonde did a skit as her and it killed me:roflmfao:
  13. I like her, she's a great advocate for children and women. I like that she'll cover stories that may not get mainstream attention.

    Is she married? Who's the father????
  14. ITA!

    She is married (recently, I think) to a man named David, I don't anything about him though!

    BTW, she looks great, I had no idea she is 47!
  15. too!!! i watch her show almost every night!!!!

    congrats to her!:tup::heart: