Nancy Gonzalez?

  1. Nancy Gonzalez croc bags are all over the NM website again. Does anyone have a NG bag? They seem pretty cheap for croc compared to the other, more well-known bags. Why is that? TIA!
  2. Am I wrong or are her bags 2,550 to 3,500? That seems expensive to me. What do they usually run?
  3. Some croc bags are >$5000 (i.e. Gucci, Hermes, Fendi, etc.).
  4. That is astounding.
  5. I'm curious to hear some feedback on Nancy Gonzalez bags. I saw a blue one that was really pretty...all croc...however at 3k for a bag, i'd like to hear some feedback from ladies & gents who own one.
  6. I think the reason Gucci, Fendi and Hermes croc bags are so much more expensive then Nancy Gonzalez bags is the fact they are Gucci, Fendi, and Hermes bags. I think you're paying for that name.
  7. They're absolutely gorgeous, but sooooooo far out of my price range. I think they are on par with other bags of the same caliber, though.
  8. I have hears they are very very good quality and sought after. I have seen them in person and they are very pretty and well made. However, that would still be far out of my price range!!! But if it weren't, I would buy one of her bags.
  9. I absolutely LOVE her bags:love: She's very known...NM in Beverly Hills has a big collection of her stuff...she sells very well. She's been around for years and her styles are always so classic. I have 2 of her croc. bags...a coral hobo $3150 and a camel tote $3450. I'm also waiting for another one...that's special ordered's croc and python in grey $2650. The quality is so amazing especially for the price...why pay $33,000 for a Chanel tote when you can get one for $4000 max by NG. I can't get enough of NG. :drool: