Nancy Drew..........eeeeeeeek!

  1. So yesterday was my daughters last day of school.She is leaving all her friends and transferring to a new private it was a sad day!
    I took her and a bunch of her friends out to lunch and to see this movie.(to make it a fun day!)

    I nearly chewed my arm off till this movie ended.I am a patient..ok..not...person...but this movie was so wickedly predictable bored me to tears.I was like a kid with ants in her pants.could barely sit still thru!
    I was shocked when the kids said it was a good movie..LMAO..So thats all that counts I guess?!!!!

    so adults beware....u will be bored.....but the kids seem to like it.
  2. Nancy Drew saves the day. The End.

    That is why I am DEFINITLEY not going to see the movie. It's way too predictable.... nothing bad can happen to Nancy Drew... people would freak out lol!
  3. The title alone makes me sleepy.>>>>yawns !
  4. I think you have to be a hardcore fan of the books to really enjoy this movie.
  5. I saw Nancy Drew with my sisters in the theater, one of them is totally obsessed with both the character, books, movie and the actress so she totally LOVED it so we don't dare comment on it around her. ;)

    Personally I thought it was an interesting watch (I'm 20) never been into the books or anything but the movie was worth the ticket.
  6. It's at 53% on, so it can't be all that bad. I think it's probably PG-age appropriate and seems like a very wholesome cute movie. Emma Roberts is adorable.
  7. At least you could sit there and play with one of your fab bags, no?

    I don't think anyone in the Roberts family should be allowed to act. They all suck.
  8. Oh. I kind of wanted to see it for some bizarre reason. But not anymore.
    In the trailers, it looked cute and funny!
  9. lol. I almost went to go see this movie!!

    I was reading the Yahoo reviews and one dude said.." My P**** hurts after watching this movie!

  10. ^^ HAHA! I can't see a guy wanting to go see this movie unless he is with a female lmao!
  11. This disappoints me - I actually wanted to see it
  12. Actually when I was there at the theater along with my sisters there were a few older ladies, a mom and her daughter as well as a single asian man who came alone to watch. We (about 12 people) had the entire threater to ourselves and it was kind of nice.

    But yes the middle aged man came alone :smile:
  13. Lol....cute idea but meh. Don't have any interest in seeing it.
  14. Ew! There was a creepy middle aged man in my theatre when I saw Mean Girls! (And he sat at the end of my row like, three seats away from me!)

    I was a little skeeved, but I figured he wouldn't try anything because the rest of the theatre was full of moms or dads with their daughters. (And if he did I would have screamed.)

    Ech! Theatres don't let kids under the age of 18 to see an R-rated movie without a guardian or parent, so why not have a rule about movies like that? Middle-aged men should be allowed to see movies like that unless accompanied by someone in the particular age group the movie was meant for!

  15. HEY! This makes sense! They should really look into this...