Nanami's Hirshleifer's stock update

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  1. Bon soir, mes amies! I have another stock update to let you know.

    For those who might not know Hirshleifer's, here's a short introduction. It's a luxury brand shop in Manhasset, a posh town in Long Island, NY. They carry most designs of Chanel every season, including RTW, accessories, bags and shoes.

    One might wonder why bother to shop there when they are tons of departments stores and Chanel boutiques. Here are two reasons.

    1) Since it's less known, they sometimes have items you can't find elsewhere
    2) If you are not a NYer, it's tax free, as there's only one Hirshleifer's

    Now here are the items I saw today

    - Cambon reporter in beige on beige

    - Cambon bucket tote in beige on beige

    - Cambon pochettes in beige on beige and black on black

    - Cambon wider bucket tote in beige on beige and black on black

    - Cambon wallets in two sizes (I think black on black)

    - Camellia embossed wallets in two sizes. One long wallet and the other a XL one, about the size of a day runner, with a zipper around. Both were in black with tiny metal camellia embellishment

    - Quilted WoCs in black, with silver CC logo

    - Patent leather ankle bag, in red

    - Patent leather puzzle bag in reissue shape, in red

    - Patent leather puzzle bag with a full size flap covering the whole front, in I think, black... Could have been blue:confused1:

    - Small LAX flap, in vivid blue

    - Long clutch with skinny gold chain and mlle lock, in metallic navy

    - Purple reissue, 225

    - Gold reissue, 228 and I think 225

    - Neon flaps, in larger sizes, ($2595) in black/white and black/hot pink

    - LOTS of Modern Chain line

    - Rodeo Drive totes in black and white

    - Drill flap, I think medium size... (Can't never tell which color those are)

    - Timeless clutch with tiny CCs all over

    - Wooden rectangluar clutch (brown) with clear crystal stars encrusted

    - Clutches with black ribbons wrapped around three times and ending in a bow, in white and black

    - Clutch sized mini bags w/ chocolate bar quilting and leather camellia on the chain, in satin and lambskin, both black

    - NS super sized tote from Le Marais line, in milk chocolate color

    - Classic flaps from mini to jumbo in both lambskin and caviar, most with gold hardware, all in black

    - GST with gold hardware, in black

    - Zip around PSTs with gold hardware, in black

    - Very roomy looking shoulder bag I never saw elsewhere! The quilting looks similar to Diamond Stitches yet the shape of the bag is more Ultimate Soft like. BUT it has a large flap over, sort of like Soft n Chain flaps. They had two colors. One in earthy tone like faded color of dirty olive from Cloudy Bundle and the other one like faded robin's egg. Lol~ I :love: at these bags. Anybody knows the name for them?:confused1:
  2. Wow that is quite the selection!! Thank you so much for posting.
    Do you have a contact name and email address?
  3. Nice!!!
    How is the red patent color on the puzzle and ankle bags??? I've been trying to get info on the double 2.55 patent but didn't get any. TIA
  4. Thanks for taking the time to list them all... :yes:
  5. Great memory! Thanks for posting.

    No expandables?
  6. Their number is (516)627-3566. I spoke to Wendi today. She seemed nice.
  7. You are so awesome! Thanks for posting all these!
  8. Hmmm... I want to say apple red... Or red used in frame of Time magazine.:sweatdrop: Definitely not dark red. I don't know if they still have it but I did see a double 2.55 in red at Wynn, Las Vegas. Call and ask for Stephanie Wong there to help you. Even if they don't have it there, Steph is the kind of SA who would look all over US Chanels and find one to send to you.
  9. Haha. No, Roey. I don't think I saw any.
  10. thx for sharing nanami! not paying sales tax is always a plus!!
  11. good memory. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Wow NanamiRye, it's Sooo nice of you! You are not only reporting the inventory of Hirshleifer's stock, but also listing the advantages of shopping with it.
    Thanks for being so nice and thoughtful. :flowers:
  13. Thank you for the info! I have family who lives in that area, whenever I go to visit I want to *escape* to shop at this store if I can get away without them following me around, haha! They have some of the best summer sales. And they have great customer appreciation deals as well.

    Someone asked about the red on the puzzle bags, to me this IS the hottest red I have seen in a long time, a very bright red. I bought the puzzle accordeon, right now the closest I can think of shade of red is the color in the font of the word Coke, in the diet versions. The patent being very shiny makes the red really stand out!

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  14. Thanks for sharing! Do you have the email addy? TIA!
  15. You have a superb memory, nanami! :tup: thanks again for always keeping us updated! NYC is no doubt a fab place to shop! :yes: