Nanami's collection

  1. First of all, I loved seeing all the amazing collections here.:tup: I didn't think about doing a thread here because I've been way too Chanelholic lately. But I've been doing some closet reorganizing and I realized I too, have quite a LOT of bags. :biggrin:

    Since it's been rainy where I live, I'll start with my Dior bowler from their Rainy Day collection several years ago. Even though it's surely not an everyday bag with its see through vinyl sides, I quite adore it. I love rainy days, so having a bag made for those days seemed just too perfect. And it did come with a nylon pouch you can place inside to give more privacy.:p

    My fave part of the bag though, is the stars on the zipper pulls and handles, shown on third pic.;)
    DSC02949.jpg DSC02952.jpg DSC02953.jpg
  2. I'll continue with more pink bags. The first is the reporter from Dior Girly line and the second is a wallet on belt I found at a fab price from Ferragamo at Caesars Forum Shop, Las Vegas. It's actually a very versatile bag. You can carry it like a clutch or carry it as a hand held purse in addition its fanny pack style because the belt is detachable.
    dior02.jpg sf01.jpg
  3. Next up is my another wallet on chain (or belt) purse. Yes, in pink, again.:rolleyes: It's the micro anniversary baguette from Fendi in fuchsia. The embossed leather and the whimsical lining was just too cute to pass. And it fits in more than how it looks.;)
    DSC02313.jpg DSC02316.jpg DSC02318.jpg
  4. But I don't only have pink bags!:biggrin: Here are 4 of my many faves next to each other in one pic.

    - Chanel : 07P black metallic 225
    - LV : Neo Speedy, Pleaty and bit of Azur Speedy 25.:p

    * That Burberry scarf is also my fave, so I should really say 5 items from my faves.
  5. And you know what? My second fave color is actually green~:p

    The classic medium flap is from 08 prefall and the bubble quilt flap is from 07A. I love rich deep colors on these two babies.
    DSC02562.jpg DSC02565.jpg DSC02569.jpg
  6. Grea collection! Thanks so much for posting the Fendi...been waiting to see it up close!
  7. ^ Glad to provide helpful pic. BTW, is your name 세원?

    I'm not that into Gucci but still, I dipped in there a bit just like how I did with other brands. However, my #1 fave Gucci is not a bag. It's this little green croc baby I picked up at Woodbury outlet. Not only I love the fact I got it for a steal price around $400, it feels and looks so yummy!

    * Make sure not to skip Gucci when visiting Woodbury~
    DSC02277.jpg DSC02280.jpg DSC02281.jpg
  8. OMG your 2.55 is amazing!!!
  9. ^ Merci beaucoup! I usually don't like black bags but that one is so special. Even though black usually comes boring to me, something about that bag makes me happy whenever I see it.:yes:

    My love of handbags actually started with LV. And how can I not? When they keep making cute little things like my Panda. The second pic is the multicolore bag shown in the background of the first pic. Hmmm... I don't know why I keep forgetting the name of the bag though.:sweatdrop:
    panda.jpg DSC02626.jpg
  10. You have a great collection!! I love it ALL!!!:tup:
  11. I'll post two more multicolores... I love how the colorful logos pop out on white.

    The first bag, I believe is called Marilyn? It's one LV I use quite a lot still this day. The second one, I'm not sure it has a different name from Trouville, which is the monogram print bag of the same style. It was an impulse buy as I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at Galleries Lafayette during one of my Paris trips. But now it actually belongs to my mother, who couldn't get it out of my hands any faster when I mentioned of not carrying it anymore.:sweatdrop:
    DSC01890.jpg DSC02612.jpg
  12. ^^ Thank you, rosana! Love the bag in your avatar~

    I'll show ya another bag that was "claimed" by a family member.

    It's much hyped about Chanel's 08P metallic purple reissue. It was a total luck I ran into a 226 on my first visit to the boutique on Madison Avenue.

    * This bag was passed to my sis, who wanted it badly. But it's okay. We live together and I could "borrow" it all the time.
  13. My latest bag purchase is again a 226 like the purple above, but of course in the latest color. It's metallic pink from this fall season. It's not that "pink" as I would like, but beautiful in its own way.:yes:
    DSC02944.jpg DSC02943.jpg
  14. Not only all my Chanels are flaps.:nogood:

    I didn't think I'd ever get a tote from Chanel but one day last spring, I decided why not go for a classic white and got a PST. It's not really crisp white in the past, so it actually goes well with the ivory camellia sandals in the second pic.
    DSC02346.jpg DSC02342.jpg
  15. Here's another white (or off white) bag & shoes combo. My sis was the original owner of the bag. (bought from Woodbury outlet!) But she decided to pass it to me after much stress over the keeping it clean issue.

    * The Prada flower shoes were only $40!:nuts:
    DSC02309.jpg DSC02352.jpg