Nana ba, rhinoplasty, fg review


Mar 4, 2020
Hi guys. I’m back with my reviews on getting surgery done in Korea. It has been about 7 weeks after I got my breast augmentation (Bellagel), rhinoplasty and fat grafting done. Btw I was able to get the surgeries done only cuz I’ve been living in Korea for a while now (so no quarantine for me hehe). So after posting that first thread (My consultation experience in 4 diff clinics) I actually visited some more, just out of curiosity. I visited Wannabe and Premier since they also seemed popular with rhinoplasty! In my opinion, Premier offers pretty girls’ noses. I was really really drawn to Premier cuz of my nose but the consultation and amount of reviews & experience didn’t match Dr. Hwang at Nana for breasts. I wanted to find somewhere where I can do both BA and my facial surgeries at the same time cuz who would wanna go through that hassle twice separately?

Anyways so I got my nose and breasts done at Nana and I added fat grafting instead of getting my eyes done. Most clinics all agreed that cantho won’t do much for me since my eyes are already ‘big’ and they told me that I’d actually look great with fat grafting, and if I don’t want a full face fg (I was worried about my face becoming full like a balloon) I should at least just get a forehead (and temple) fat graft. Nana was having a really huge promotion for fg and rhino so I thought I would give it a go, and now..I think I am like a worshipper of fat grafting now. Lol.

So It makes your skin glow, fills up just the right place and since you’ve got volume in the upper middle, your edges actually look smaller. Nana hospital offered me full face fat graft with PRP at only like 2 mil or something more or less (sorry I paid for all 3 procedures + medication etc with one card so I can’t remember exactly) so I asked them to fill in the hollow parts only and don’t make my face look big and they ended up filling up my smile line and front chin which make me look so much prettier and glowy. Fg is amazing in how it gives you a little improvement and little change but you look a whole lot prettier and clearer/glowy? Haha

I got one doc for my fg and rhino. I wanted to get Dr Kim, their head doc but the consultant (Kylie – she is super nice, we still have coffee together sometimes whenever I go get my regular check up) told me that Dr Jang is better with female noses and since I wanted to get a natural and half-curved nose, I chose Dr Jang. I don’t regret choosing her now. I got 4mm silicone (high-soft) with septoplasty on my tip. I love the shape and height already and just hoping for my fatness on my nose to go away. This swelling apparently takes about 6 months or more to go away and soften. Your nose gets super hard – mine is still hard after 7 weeks now. They told me that if you wan’t to avoid infection, you must take the medication they give out well, don’t smoke, drink, don’t do a lot of heavy exercise, sleep on side/on stomach, etc etc so I was hell bent on keeping those. I love swimming but I quit all that until now, only did walking and now I think I’m gonna start doing some cardio with weights from 9th week post op.

Guys, no infection so far, no side effect so far. Result so far so good. You should really go for it if you are always thinking of getting ps. I regretted not getting it sooner. Should have done it earlier when I could!!! I feel so NOT insecure these days, feeling less obsessed with my body and face. I feel happy and satisfied and now I can focus more on more other meaningful stuff in life while enjoying my life. You know, your body copes better when you are younger. So do it when you can.

About Nana plastic surgery hospital & surgery process :
Hospital in General : good, honest consultation (they stopped me from getting canthoplasty when I could just wasted my money on it). Thorough explanation and surgery prep on the day.

They give you a bag with pumpkin juice and other beauty stuff and some stuff needed for post-op care (instructions, cautions, med prescription, etc) and book you all post-op session on the day of your surgery.

After surgery I was able to go home on my own but the pain was real. I took a cab of course and I just downed painkillers and the med they gave me and just slept for like 8 straight hours. Then the pain is OMG the worst the next day. I was just lying in bed, called my friend for yogurt and energade and some hot soup and just focused on taking the med well, 3 times a day. It gets better day after day and I think I can say I was able to do things freely from 5th day. Eat. Shower. Walk. Talk. BA at Nana was great cause you can take a shower from the next day. No discomfort or anything. No stitch. BUT I had stitches on my thighs so I was able to shower after 3 days (Not including my face cuz of rhino). I used HALO face wipe (really amazing) for my face and got hair wash from salons until after 7 days where I removed everything. You can do everything freely from day 8 (the day after you remove all threads).

Send me a private message if you're interested in getting any of these procedures done in Korea or you have any questions for me. I don't think I'll upload my private before and after photos for the world to see, especially BA results, but I'd be happy to help anyone who's interested :smile:


Sep 16, 2019
Yeah, but I'll send them to you through a conversation, because I feel more comfortable showing them individually. I usually don't post pictures of my body online so XD
I’m also interested in getting those procedures in Nana!

Do you mind sending me Before and After pics? :smile:


Jun 9, 2020
Could I see the before and after pictures of your rhinoplasty? Thank you for your review and updates by the way! They're really helpful ^^


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Jun 9, 2020
Yeah, but I'll send them to you through a conversation, because I feel more comfortable showing them individually. I usually don't post pictures of my body online so XD
Hi! Im interested in rhinoplasty with NANA. Do you mind sending me your photos as well? Thank you!