Naming your LVs?

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  1. When I got my Tivoli I was so in love that I really wanted to name her myself...but then kinda thought that might be stupid since it's not like it's an actual baby, and plus LV already named her Tivoli! LoL

    Do any of your name your LVs, or do you just call them by the name LV gave them?
  2. Nope...just the names LV gave them.
  3. Interesting...................

    I just call them by their LV-given names.
  4. I call them my purse.LOL but really No. I do not always know their Louis name until I get on here.
  5. I just nickname my bags. lol. Like, for my Roxbury Drive, I'll just call it "Roxy" for short. :amuse:

    Unless I have a bag named "Batignolles" then um, I'll need some thinking. lol.
  6. The only one I've named is my 43 year old Mono Speedy, which I call Audrey.
  7. I don't name them. I will refer to my bag as "Lou" to my in "Hey, get your sticky hands away from Lou", and they think that is pretty funny, but that is about it.
  8. I usually call them "Louis V" as in "Hun, would you hand me my Louis V"
  9. Holy Moly a 43 year old speedy! Wow these bags do last!!.. sorry to hijack thread but would love to see a pic of your Audrey!
  10. I named mine, my DH and my friends think I'm strange (my DH even jokingly said that he might start naming his jeans but of course he was just kidding)...

    my BH is called Hiroko (named after the SA who sold it to me as she was very nice and helpful)
    my monogram pochette accessories is called Hiro
    my Damier Alma is called Yuki
    and my Mini Lin Manon MM is called Hitomi

    I've no idea why but I decided to give them all Japanese names...:tunes:
  11. i just call them by the name they were given.. and when i ask people to pass me my bag i just say "could u pass me my bag please" : )
  12. Glad to know I'm not the only one who tells her kids to back up off the bag!:shame:
  13. lol...I've posted this pic so much lately! Here she is again!

    Here she is next to my 2.5 year old Damier Speedy 25...I named this one Jedidiah when I first got it (I have no idea why),but I totally forgot lol!

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  14. I called them all loui - but that was when I had all speedy's. I was thinking the other day I might need to name them - but I have not yet!
  15. No, I just stick to the names LV gave them. I'm already a certified space cadet and would just confuse myself even further:P.